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Vocabulary Unit 2

ad verse
(adj.) unfavorable, negative; working against, hostile

Syn. difficult, trying

Ant. favorable, positive, helpful, beneficial

ar id
(adj.) extremely dry; uninteresting, dull

Syn. waterless, parched, boring, unimaginative

Ant. waterlogged, soggy, fertile, lush

as sai lant
(n.) a person who attacks violently (with blows or words)

Syn. assaulter, attacker, mugger

Ant. victim, prey, injured party

bill ow
(n.) a large wave; (v.) to rise or swell like a wave

Syn. (n.) breaker; (v.) surge, bulge, balloon

Ant. (n.) trough; (v.) deflate, collapse

con front
(v.) to meet face to face, especially as a challenge; come to grips with

Syn. face, encounter

Ant. avoid, evade, sidestep

con strain
(v.) to force, compel; to restrain, hold back

Syn. pressure, restrict, confine, limit

Ant. loosen, liberate, unfetter, relax

con tem po rar y
(adj.) belonging to the same period of time as oneself; (n.) a person of the same time

Syn. (adj.) present-day, modern, current; (n.) peer

Ant. (adj.) ancient, prehistoric, antique, antiquated

de pict
(v.) to portray; to represent or show in the form of a picture

Syn. sketch, draw, picture, illustrate

dis in trest ed
(adj.) fair-minded, free from selfish motives; indifferent

Syn. neutral, impartial, unbiased, apathetic

Ant. partial, biased, prejudiced

en com pass
(v.) to encircle, go or reach around; to enclose; to include with a certain group or class

Syn. surround, envelop, comprise

Ant. leave out, omit, exclude

ground less
(adj.) without any good reason or cause, unjustified

Syn. baseless, unsupported

Ant. well-founded, reasonable, justified

hyp o crite
(n.) a person who pretends to be what he or she is not or better than he or she really is; a two-faced person

Syn. phony, charlatan, fraud

in com pre hen si ble
(adj.) impossible to understand

Syn. baffling, confusing, bewildering

Ant. understandable, clear, plain, intelligible

max i mum
(n.) the greatest possible amount or degree; (adj.) reaching the greatest possible amount or degree

Syn. largest, highest, utmost

Ant. least, lowest, minimum, smallest

mim ic
(n.) a person who does imitations; (v.) to imitate; to make fun of

Syn. (n.) copycat, impersonator; (v.) parrot, impersonate

ruff le
(v.) to wrinkle, make uneven; to annoy, upset; to flip trough; (n.) a gathered strip of material used for trimming edges; a ripple; a low drumbeat

Syn. (v.) disturb; (n.) frill

Ant. (v.) smooth out, soothe

se rene
(adj.) peaceful, calm; free of emotional upset; clear and free of storm, majestic, grand

Syn. tranquil, composed, fair, august

Ant. agitated, troubled, stormy, inclement

sheep ish
(adj.) embarrassed; resembling a sheep in meekness, timid

Syn. shamefaced, meek

Ant. bold, saucy, brazen, confident

stam i na
(n.) the strength needed to keep going or overcome physical or mental strain; staying power

Syn. endurance

ma nip u late
(v.) to handle or use skillfully; to manage or control for personal gain or advantage

Syn. work, manuever, exploit, influence