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complete change of something
this produced a dramatic change from making goods by hand at home to making them with machines in factories
Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution started in _______ ________'s
in the ___________ ________.
late 1700's

textile mills (cloth-making)
During the ________ ________ machines used ________ ________ power.
Industrial Revolution

water power
During the I.R. the ________ passed laws to prevent _______ or ______ from being _________. They wanted to keep it a secret.
machines or plans
Englishman who sold plans for spinning machines to American business people. In 1790 he had built the first American cotton spinning machine.
Samuel Slater
Invented the cotton gin in 1793.
(cotton gin is a machine that removed cotton seeds)
Eli Whitney
Effect: made cotton and slavery profitable

What is the cause?
The cotton gin caused cotton and slavery profitable
In 1798, ________ ________ came up with a new way to manufacture products using _________ ________. Manufacturing time and cost dropped.
Eli Whitney

interchangeable parts
_________ ________ built a textile factory in Massachusetts in ______. All the steps in cloth-making took place here.
Francis Lowell

In ______, this was the first planned town for factory workers.

Lowell, Massachusetts
_______ ________ built an improved reaper for cutting grain.
Cyrus McCormick
__________ _______ improved the plow to cut through roots
John Deere
In _____, the federal government started building the _________ _______ from _______, __________ to
National Road
from: Cumberland, Maryland
to: Vandalia, Illinois
This stone and gravel road linked the East with what was then the West.
National Road