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Lines of Longitude, run north & SSouth
0 Longitude is called the?
Prime Meridian
Degrees to the right of the prime meridian are which direction?
Degrees to the left of the prime meridian are which direction?
Name the meridian east of 0 degree on this glob
15 E and 30 E
What meridian is east of 15 W
Prime Meridian O
What meridian is east of 15 W
Prime Meridian O
Where do lines of longitude come together?
North Pole and South Pole
Lines of Longitude run in which directions?
North and South
What is at 0 Latitude?
What degrees north latitude is the North Pole?
Lines north and south of the equator are called?
What are Latitude Lines?
They are imaginary lines that run north and south of the equator.
The South Pole is what degree Latitude?
Which is closer to the Soth Pole
45 S or 30 S
What is an Atlas
Collection of Maps
Physical Maps
Shows different Land elevations and ocean depths.

Most physical features, such as the Rocky Mountains are named.
Political Maps
Show Political territories, such as contries, states and prvinces. They are shown in different colors for easy recongnition.

Cities are shown in different sizes of type and have different symbols to indicate their population.
Thematic Maps
Give you information about specific sopics or themes.

Weather maps with different temperatures.
Map Legends
Explain much of the map information.
Scale bar
It is in the legend and it tells how much smaller the map is than the real area it represents.

For an example 1 inch may represent 600 miles.
Directional Arrows
Four arrows, each one standing for North, South, East and West.

The north arrow always points toward the North Pole. The south always points to the south pole.
Map Grids
Are the lines running east-west, and north-south acorss the map.
Lines running east-west across the maps are called?
The lines running north-south are called?
Lines of Longitude
Spelling Test
Name 7 Continents
4 oceans
Tropic of Cancer
Artic Circle
Prime Meridian
Tropic of Capricorn
Antarctic Circle
is an alphabetical listing of most of the places that appear on the maps.
What is the purpose of a Political Map?

With in some countries, what can a political map show?
It shows political territories, such as countries, states, and provinces.

With in the countries the political map can shown the diferent cities and their population.
What are the three ways a physical map can help you?
1) can show you the different in land elevation.

2) Can show you the depth of water and seas.

3) It can show you Major Physical features, such as Rocky Mountains.
What is the purpose of a Thematic Map?

How would you use it?
It shows you the specific informatiion, themes or topics of a refion.

You could use it when you might want to know what parts of the country (or world) have the same climate. Same agrigculture, samepopulation.
Page 17 & 19 hat type of Map is this called?
What divides the North and south Hemispher?

What divides the East and West Hemisphere?

Prime Meridian.
How do we use Latitude and Longitude?
The lines of Latitude and Longitude create grids on the maps. These Grids help determine the location of certain areas. We can locate a region by pointing out where a an area is on the grid my stating what longitude and latitude line it may fall on.
For example,
Why do we use Latitude and Longitude?
We use these lines to located the position of land or places in relation to the rest of the world.