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Define: "Intravenous Admixture"
"the preparation of pharmaceutical product which requires the measured addition of a medication to a 50 mL or greater bag/bottle of IV fluid"
What regulates the flow in an IV administration of a drug?
The roller clamp
Name parts A through F
A - IV Bag
B - Roller Clamp
C - Injection Port
D - Spike Adapter
E - Drip Chamber
F - Needle Adapter
What are the two most common set sizes?
20 drops/mL and 60 drops/mL

The latter can be called a micro- or mini-drip set
When would you want to use an IV pump?
When precise rates or positive pressure is required
Math Time!

The MD calls for 2,000 mL of solution to be administered over 10 hours. Using the standard set size of 20 drops/mL, how many drops per minute should be delivered to the patient?
2000 mL / 10 drops/mL = 20,000 drops

10 hours * 60 min/hr = 600 min

20,000 drops / 600 min = 33.3 drops/min
What are the most common sources of error?
In order

1) Prescribing
2) Administration
3) Transcription
4) Dispensing
What are the most common mixtures to have IV compatibility problems?
Those which contain:

1) Mannitol
2) Bicarbonate
3) Nutritional Solutions
4) Other Electrolytes
What are the four basic characteristics to remember for IV compatibility?
1) Physical
2) Chemical
3) Therapeutic
4) Microbiological
What are examples of therapeutic IV compatibility issues?
- Interactions with other drugs
- Interaction with endogenous physiological chemical agents
- Interaction with components of the diet
- Interaction with chemicals used in diagnostic test or the results of such tests
Define: "Pharmaceutical Incompatibility"
Incompatibility of pharmaceuticals... seriously.

Often seen as a precipitation, haze, gas bubbles or cloudiness
True or False

Drugs and IV solutions should be at the same pH?
True or False

Changing the order of mixing is a poor way to improve incompatibility
True or False

Higher temperature promotes degradation
True or False

Nitrofurantoin and amphotericin B must be protected from light during administration
True or False

Higher concentrations are less likely to be incompatible
Define: "DEHP"
Most common phthalate plasticizer used in PVC plastics.

Often found in flexible bags, tubing and protective devices
What is another word used in class for "pants"?