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Can a penalty against a license in one state effect a license in another?

For instance, revocation of a license in one state may serve as the basis fr revocation of a license in another state
Define: "Unprofessional Conduct"
In a legal sense this can be vague as rarely do states outline this term.

Essentially it judges the ethical nature by which a pharmacist acts, even if they follow all laws. An example would be repeatedly selling non-prescription narcotic cough syrups at high frequency to individuals
Define: "Moral Turpitude"
An intentional act of fraud, most commonly seen in pharmacy in regards to false billing to Medicare/Medicaid
Is revocation permanent?
No, it can be possible for a license to be reinstated
What must be found before issuance of an administrative warning?
1) Specific evidence of misconduct by the holder
2) The misconduct is a 1st occurrence by the holder
3) The misconduct is a minor violation of a statute or rule relating to the profession
4) The issuance of a warning will adequately protect the public
Under what time frame will the disciplinarian authority notify the credential holder of the time and place of the review?
45 days
If a holder's license is revoked or suspended, are they held liable for the costs of the proceedings?
Yes, they can be held liable for the full amount plus 12% in interest
How long does it take the board to cancel a credential application due to non-payment?
60 days, with a notice sent out 20 days prior to cancellation
What is the fine for violating a special order?
Not more than $10,000 per each offense, with each day constituting a separate offense
What is the fine for violating a temporary restraining order or injection?
Between $25 and $5,000 or a max of 1 year in the county jail or both
Define: "Petitioner"
The division of enforcement in the department
Define: "Respondent"
A licensee who is named as respondent in a petition for summary suspension
What is required, under probably cause, for a summary suspension to be ordered?
If the respondent has engaged in or is likely to engage in conduct in which the public health, safety or welfare is endangered and thus requires emergency suspension
What happens when you failure to report to the board a danger to the health, safety or welfare of a patient or public due to pharmacy practice?
You are liable for violation of state statues under "Unprofessional conduct"