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What makes up the pre-transplant workup?
1. low level ADL and activities.
2. interval training.
3. slow progress.
4. variety and flexibility.
5. LVAD patient population.
What is orthotopic transplant?
1. remove recipient heart.
2. sew in donor heart.
What is heterotopic transplant?
The donor heart is sewn onto the recipient's heart.
What is expected HR after transplant?
greater than 100!
What is DBP after heart transplant?
High, due to rigid left vetnricle.
How long is ICU stay after heart transplant?
can be 2-4 days!
Whta are changes in heart rate response in heart transplant?
1. rely on norepinephrine from adrenal gland for sympathetic input.
2. need longer to warm up.
3. blunted HR response.
4. slower re-uptake of NE so there's longer cool down.
Can you use heart rate as exercise tolerance indicator after transplant?
What do we know about heart reinnervation after heart transplant?
probable after 4th year but usually incomplete.
What do you do in PT after patient leave heart transplant ICU?
progrsesive AROM, gait, stair, treadmills.
What are the expected vital signs in PT after patient leaves heart transplant ICU?
HR: 90-110 due to meds and lack of PSP innervation.

DBP more normal.

Blunted response.

Home walking/exercise program.

Lifting precautions.

3-7 days stay.
What are PT outpatient activities for heart transplant?
1. similar to phase II cardiac rehab program.

blunted response to exercise.

more aggressive aerobic.
what are 7 signs of rejection?
1. flu like symptoms.
2. low grade fever.
3. muscle soreness.
4. dysrhythmias.
5. increased DBP.
6. angina.
7. marked decrease in exercise tolerance.
What might be limiting factors of exercise from cardiac standpoint?
blunted response.

blood pressure.
When could you start UE resistance training?
6 weeks.
How would you konw if the patient had nerve regeneration across the myocardium?
by their heart rate response.

(but it doesn't really matter).
What rae signs of lung rejection?
1. decreased exercise tolerance.
2. decreased O2 Sats.
3. increased HR to compensate for drop in sats.
4. possible productive cough due to infections.