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To divorce or separate formally from; to refuse to have anything to do with
Splendid, stately; spirited, brave; nobly chivalrous and often self-sacrificing
He showed gallant efforts against the enemy.
Conformity to a standard of right; a particular moral excellence
To make ordinary
The computer, in a sense, trivialized the minds of this generation.
According to formal usage or prescribed procedures
She was very ceremonious about the details of conventional marriage.
Quid Pro Quo
Something given or received for something else
If I call you sexy, do know that I'm expecting quid pro quo.
Full of excessive talk
Synonym = Wordy
Shortened; cut off
Our vacation was truncated when I came down with the flu and had to stay in bed.
To behead
The guillotine sliced through the air instantly decollating the former King of France.
Marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace
Yamapi is an agile dancer.
relatively unknown; or to conceal or make indistinct
That’s a really obscure author you’ve quoted; perhaps you should pick someone more well-known.
lasting for a markedly brief time
Her fame was ephemeral because three days later someone broke her record for the 50-yard dash.
the obligation of such fidelity
Out of fealty to his boss, who had hired him after no other employer would, Jesse stayed on with the struggling company.
lacking a basis of comparison in respect to a quality normally subject to comparison; incompatible
The two theories are incommensurable, making any attempt at comparison across disciplines ridiculous. "Commensurable" means "having a common measure" or "corresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree."
someone or something intensely disliked or loathed
his notion was anathema to me
to expand; to flourish
the purple daisies burgeoned throughout the vast countryside.
a support for a building or structure; to support
he buttressed me up when i fell down.
a group of conspirators; the acts of such a group; a clique
if my friends and i were considered as part of a cabal, we would be the FOBBY cabals.
to persuade with flattery or gentle urging
even though i was angry with him, he successfully cajoled me into not staying angry at him.
a pinching instrument used for determining the thickness of objects or the distance between surfaces
i wiped the calipers with my t-shirt after using it in science class for our lab.
sincerity, honesty
one particular characteristic of roberta that i truly admire is her candor.
a rule or law, especially a religious one; a body of rules or laws; an authoritative list; the set of works by an author that are accepted as authentic
many famous pianists/composers have pieces that are bundled together and labeled as (musical) canons.
ill-natured, contentious
koki is not really that cantankerous; he doesn't tend to start arguments.
exhibiting an often perverse and wearisome tendency to quarrels and disputes
a man of a most contentious nature
to campaign; to seek or solicit orders, votes, etc
the NYAE event was canvassed by the sexy co-publicity officers.
a device that stores energy
my body works like a capacitor; i'm filled with energy until very late at night.
to surrender, give up, or give in
i capitulated to my mom's lecture once again --reducing myself to shameful tears.
unpredictable, likely to change at any moment
mommy's mood can be extremely capricious; you never know if she's happy or mad or sad.
ill-natured, quarrelsome
synonym of belligerent and cantankerous
to complain or find fault with someone
i try my best to not carp about the people that annoy me because i don't want to be a hypocrite.
the study and creation of maps
would you like to study cartography? i see you looking at maps all the time...
to criticize severely; to chastise
mom castigates me whenever i'm driving the car.
anyone or anything that makes something happen without being directly involved
koki indirectly became a catalyst of an argument when his name was brought up in their conversation, since both of the girls liked him.
purification that brings emotional relief or renewal
whenever i take time to write in my diary, i seem to undergo catharsis or something because it brings my mood up.
to quibble; to raise trivial objections
mimia's caviling to my orders frustrated me.
to condemn severely for doing something bad
for lying to me, i will censure you by taking away all of my trust that i've ever entrusted to you.
humiliation; embarrassed disappointment
after being harshly rejected by the guy i liked, i fell into a deep daze of chagrin.
trickery, deceitfulness, artifice (especially legal or political)
i won't put up with any more of your chicanery! i'm sick and tired of feeling hurt from all your lies!
imaginary, given to fantasy
maybe my feelings for him are, instead of real, just chimerical? i'm just making him something that i want.
hot-tempered, quick to anger
i consider myself a rather choleric person. i don't tolerate things very well.
to go around
he always circumvents the question by giving a vague answer.
synonym is frugal
to come together as one, to fuse, to unite
i wonder if it's at all possible for my crush's feelings to coalesce with my own?
to ponder; to meditate; to think carefully about
i cogitated over whether or not i should just ask him out, but in the end i did not come to any conclusion.
ordinary, informal in relationship to speech
when you talk to your teachers, you must refrain from using colloquial phrases or vernaculars which you use among your friends.
enlisted, drafted, or enrolled; usually refers to mandatory military service
in korea, all males are supposed to be miliarily conscripted by the government or something..?
to confirm; to back up with evidence
i thought for a long time about him and her having something for each other, but for the longest time i thought that it was just me thinking too much. however, when i received his straightforward answer ... my suspicion was corroborated.
a group of close associates; a circle of friends
it would seem that i can't really feel lonely seeing as i'm constantly surrounded by my coterie. however, i do feel isolated at times.
cowardly, afraid
he shows craven characteristics whenever it comes down to the girl that he likes.
shy, reluctant to make a commitment
i can't say that you're exactly coy, but i can say that you're one confusing person!