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Which of the following defines a prototype?
A full scale working model
The "rule of thirds" is applied in the composition of what medium?
One of the potential negative consequences of developing new design products of systems may be:
hazardous wastes
The study of workplace equipment, design, or how to arrange and design devices, machines or workspace so that people and things interact safely and most efficienty is known as:
Information feedback related to measurement tolerances and specifications to assure proper production of products is:
guality control
In graphic design,paste-ups were designs that were developement manually in the past, today they are developed by:
In graphic design, these generally show choices for possible page layouts.
The factors that influence a product's developement must be determined by utilizing:
safety, reliability, environmental concerns, maintenance, and eronomics
In video design, these help people visualize each shot with regard to lighting requirements, sound, and dialog,etc.
The design of products as they relate to the systems of technology will ultimately change over time by the way individuals weigh the factors of a product's ability to be utilized. These factors are:
reliability, quality control, ergonomics, quality control
The process of a product working properly utilizing proper materials within the developement constraints is considered the product's:
The study of a workplace equipment design or how to arrange and design devices, machines or workspace so that people and things interact safely and most efficiently is known as:
The ability of a product to be produced through feasible means and meet a need using available materials and resources is considered:
The product's life cycle is established through:
observations and evaluations