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What is the Single Forms Interface (SFI)
SFI is ASP.Net's use of self-posting forms. You cannot post a form to another form without viewstate corruption
How do you retrieve values on the posting page from a cross-page post?
PreviousPage object which is filled in with the @PreviousPageType Directive

In 1.x Page caller = (Page) Context.Handler
How do you check if the posting page has valid data
Check PreviousPage.IsValid
What are the different methods of handling errors?
Page Level: Page_Error
Global Level: Application_Error
What is tracing
ability to output messages commenting on execution
How do you enable tracing at the application level and page level
<trace enabled="true" pageOutput="true"

@Page trace="true"
How do you invoke the trace viewer tool
How does page personalization work?
The developer defines personalization properties or data model in web.config, create database using WSAT, ASP.Net parses and compiles properties into a class and adds it to Request, loading and saving data is transparent to users and developers, developer uses Profile class in pages
How do you activate anonymous profiles
set <anonymousIdentification enabled="true">