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What doe polycythemia mean?
increased RBCs only
what does polycythemia vera mean?
increased ALL cells - panmyelosis
what are 2 forms of polycythemia?
1. Relative
2. Absolute
what is relative polycythemia?
a relative increased in RBCs secondary to an absolute decreased blood volume.
what causes relative polycyth?
Dehydration or stress erythrocytosis.
what is absolute erythrocytosis?
a true increase in RBC
What is secondary polycyth stimulated by?
EPO stimulating erythroid precursors.
What is the disease mechanism that occurs in 2ndary polycyth?
O2 supply to kidneys decreased; causes EPO production to increase, thus RBC production.
Why is there O2 deficiency in the first place?
1. High altitude
2. heart/lung problems
3. decr. blood volume, [Hb], O2 affinity
2. Disease state
what 3 Hb abnormalities decrease its O2 affinity?
1. Hb Chesapeake/Little Rock
2. Methemoglobin
3. Carboxyhb
which 5 disease states can cause o2 hypoxia?
1. renal ischemia
2. renal artery stenosis
3. renal cysts
4. hydronephrosis
5. kidney/liver tumors
In general, what kind of problem is Primary Polycythemia?
a myeloproliferative disorder involving all cell lines.