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Where in general is the nasal cavity?
Extending from external nares to choanae - opens into nasopharynx
What does the oral cavity consist of?
-Oral vestibule
-Oral cavity proper
-Soft palate
-Hard palate
What are the 3 portions of the pharynx?
1. Nasopharynx
2. Oropharynx
3. Laryngopharynx
What does the larynx connect? What does it do?
Connects oropharynx to trachea; functions in phonation.
What is the vestibule?
The buccal cavity
What are the boundaries of the vestibule? What important feature lies within it?
Lips, cheeks, teeth, gums.
-Parotid duct openings at 2nd upper molar teeth.
What are the boundaries of the oral cavity proper?
Teeth, gums, palate, floor of mouth. Posterior boundary is the oropharynx.
What is the region that is the boundary between the oral cavity proper and oropharynx called?
Fauces - aka oropharyngeal isthmus.
What is the frenulum?
The line down the middle underside of tongue
What gland can you consciously squirt saliva out of?
Sublingual gland via the submandibular duct.
What region is the soft palate a portion of?
The pharynx
What 3 areries supply blood to the soft palate?
-Palatine branch of ascending pharyngeal artery
-Ascending palatine branch of facial artery
-Greater palatine branch of maxillary artery
What provides sensory innervation of the soft palate?
-Sensory branches of V2
-Sensory branches of glossopharyngeal nerve
What provides muscle innervation to the muscles of the soft palate?
Vagus nerve via a pharyngeal plexus - EXCEPT TENSOR
What is the exception to the soft palate motor innervation?
Tensor - it is innervated by V3 the mandibular nerve.
What folds are on either side of the palatine tonsils?
-Palatopharyngeal (medial and posterior)
-Palatoglossal (lateral and anteror)
How many muscles of the soft palate are there, what are they?
-Levator veli palatini
-Tensor veli palatini
-Uvular muscle
What are the 2 main parts of the tongue?
What covers the surface of the tongue?
What structure is between the body and root of the tongue?
Lingual Tonsil
What area is right in front of the lingual tonsil?
Sulcus terminalis - a little trench where the tongue body terminates.
What are the 4 bony attachments of the tongue?
1. Mandible
2. Hyoid bone
3. Styloid process
4. Palate
- All by extrinsic muscles
What gives sensory innervation to the anterior 2/3 tongue for:
Taste: Chorda tympani CN VII
Sense: Lingual nerve (CN V3)
What gives sensory innervation to the posterior 1/3 tongue for:
Glossopharyngeal nerve does it all!
What gives motor innervation to the motor muscles of the tongue?
Hypoglossal nerve (CN XII)
What gives motor inneration to the very back of the tongue?
Vagus nerve (X) via internal branches of the superior laryngeal nerve.
What are the 4 extrinsic muscles of the tongue?
1. Genioglossus
2. Hyoglossus
3. Styloglossus
4. Palatoglossus
What innervates all motor muscles of the tongue? What is the exception?
Hypoglossal (XII)
-Except palatoglossus
What big muscle forms the floor of the mouth?
What is below the mylohyoid?
Digastric - ant/post bellies
What is above the mylohyoid?
What comprises the bone and cartilage framework of the nose?
Anterior nares
What bone is right behind the nasal cavity, at the level of the inferior concha?
PTERYGOID part of the sphenoid
What foramina are at the bottom of the pterygoid plate, where it makes a right angle w/ the maxilla soft palate?
The greater and lesser palatine canals.
What 2 Main Nerves innervate the nasal cavity?
-Olfactory (CN II)
-Trigeminal (V2)
How does the maxillary nerve get to the nasal cavity?
Via the pterygoid (aka sphenopalatine) canal
What 2 arteries supply the nasal cavity?
-Sphenopalatine branch of the Maxillary artery via pterygoid canal
-Ethmoidal branch of Opthalmic artery
What are the 4 paranasal sinuses?
What are the sinuses in general?
mucous lined diverticula conneting the nasal cavity to the corresponding bone cavities.
what sinuses drain into the nasal meatus?
Paranasal sinuses
What is the differnce btwn the fauces and choanae?
Fauces = passage from mouth to pharynx
Choanae = passage from nose to pharynx
What nerves are you testing during an oral exam?
VII - Facial
XII - Hypoglossal
IX - Glossopharyngeal
X - Vagus
How do u test the facial nerve?
What nerve is probly not working if the gag reflex is absent?
9/10 - glossopharyng/vagus
What nerve is likely a culprit when the soft palate fails to rise bilaterally during speaking, and the uvula deviates to the unaffected side?