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What are the 2 important parts of the testes to recognize?
1. Tubules which produce and transport sperm
2. Interstitial cells that produce hormones
What is the basal layer of cells in the seminiferous epithelium?
What are spermatogonia undergoing?
Mitosis to create more SON spermatogonia
What are the 2 options available to spermatogonia?
-Remain stem cells
-Progress into meiosis
What are spermatogonia called when they commence meiosis?
Primary spermatocytes
Why can't we identify secondary spermatocytes?
Because they're so short lived
How do we identify primary spermatocytes?
They are big and have prominent heterochromatin
What does the 2ndary spermatocyte produce?
What do immature SPERMATIDS look like?
Small cells with somewhat condensed nuclei
What are Spermatozoa?
The very condensed basophilic structures near the lumen of the germinal epithelium.
What are the cells with prominent nucleolus?
Sertoli cells
What are the eosinophilic cells between adjacent seminiferous tubules?
Interstitial cells of Leydig
What do the Leydig cells secrete?
What is the duct that takes sperm from the seminiferous tubule to the vas deferens?
How big is the diameter of the rete testis?
Big - you can see spermatozoa inside it
What type of epithelium lines the rete testis?
Simple cuboidal
What are surface specializations in the rete testis?
-Single flagellum
How does the apical surface of the epithelium in the epididymis compare to in the rete testis?
It is even
How do the walls of the epithelium compare?
They are thicker in the epididymis
What type of epithelial lining is in the epididymis?
Pseudostratified columnar
What are the extremely long microvilli that project from the epididymis epithelium?
What happens to sperm in the epididymis?
They mature and become competent for mobility
What is the main prominent feature of the ductus deferens?
Smooth muscle!!!
What type of epithelial lining is in the ductus deferens?
Pseudostratified columnar
What is the prominent feature of the Seminal vesicle in cross section?
It is very convoluted
Is there more than one lumen in the seminal vesicle?
What type of epithelium is in the Seminal vesicle?
Pseudostratified cuboidal
Do spermatozoa pass through the seminal vesicle?
What does the seminal vesicle secrete?
60% of semen
What does seminal fluid consist of?
What type of epithelium lines the prostatic urethra?
What surrounds the prostatic urethra?
Glandular tissue
In what direction do these glands drain?
Toward the urethra
What are eosinophilic structures with a concentric lamellar appearance that are diagnostic of the prostate gland?
Prostatic concretions
What type of epithelium lines the prostatic DUCTS?
Where will prostatic concretions be found?
In the LUMENS of the prostatic DUCTS
What type of epithelium lines the penile urethra?
Stratified columnar to pseudostratified
What muscle surrounds the penile urethra?
Corpus spongiosum
What are the 2 muscles above the spongiosum?
Corpora cavernosa
What surrounds the corpora cavernosa?
Dense irregular connective tissue
What pharmacologic agent specifically inhibits PDE5 to allow the targeted propagation of CGMP for sustained penile erection (pointing)?
Sildenafil (viagra)
What type of innervation facilitates erection and ejaculation?
PNS, then SNS