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When did California first become a state in the United States?
September 9, 1850
The first explorers to California were looking for what?
The strait of Anion
What is California's state motto?
Eureka (I found it!)
Why did Spanish priests build the missions?
To convert the Native Americans to Christianity
What are the three states that border California?
Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona
What country borders California to the south?
What ocean borders California to the west?
Pacific Ocean
Who were the first people in California?
Native Americans
How long had Native Americans lived in California before the Spanish settlers arrived?
15,000 years
Who was the Spanish conquistador who over-threw the Aztecs in what is now Mexico?
Who was the first Spanish explorer to land in California?
Name three Native American tribes who lived in California.
Chumash, Hupa, Shasta, Yurok, Maidu, Puma, Pomo, and the Mohave
Name a major desert in California.
Name the two mountain ranges in California.
Sierra Nevada range and Coastal range
Who was the Englishman sent by Queen Elizabeth I to raid the Spanish galleons?
Sir Frances Drake
Name three famous people from California.
John Steinbeck
Ronald Regan
Walt Disney
Marilyn Monroe
Who built the first 9 missions in California?
Name the highest mountain in the continental U.S. located in California.
Mt. Whitney
Who is the conquistador from Spain who conquered the Aztecs?
What is California's state tree?
Redwood tree or Sequoia
What is the California state bird?
California Valley Quail
How did Sir Francis Drake die?
He fell off his ship onto the rocks.
1542: Cabrillo is the first Spaniard to____________
Visit California
Who was the first person to discover a golden nugget in California?
James Marshall
1769: Where was the first mission built in California?
San Diego