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What are the goals of ADHD medications?
* Improve impulse control
* Improve ability to concentrate
* Decrease distractibility
What is significant of Ritalin?
Very "fast-acting"
What can be combined with Ritalin for faster/longer-lasting effects?
Ritalin SR
What is Ritalin LA?
Half regular Ritalin and half Ritalin SR in the same pill
What is Adderall?
Amphetamine (a stimulant)
What should be monitored closely in patients who are taking Adderall?
How long must a patient take Adderall before the medication becomes effective?
Up to 2 weeks
For what age is Adderall approved
3 and older
What is Dexedrine?
Dextroamphetamine (a stimulant)
How long before the full effect of Dexedrine is noticed
2 days
What is Strattera?
Atomoxetine (non-stimulant)
What characterizes oppositional defiant disorder?
A pattern of negativistic, hostile, defiant behavior that lasts at least 6 months
What is one of the most common disorders presented by adolescents for treatment?
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
True or false: a child can outgrow symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder without treatment:
What are some treatment options for patients with oppositional defiant disorder?
*parent training programs
*individual psychotherapy
*cognitive behavior therapy
*social skills therapy
Diagnosis of conduct disorder based on a manifestation of 3 or more of which criteria in the last 12 months?
*aggression to people and animals
*destruction of property
*deceitfulness or theft
*serious violations of rules
*significant impairment of social, academic, or occupational functioning
What is the most common trisomal abnormality?
Down Syndrome
What is included in the management of Down Syndrome?
*surgery to correct serious anomalies
*Thorough evaluation
*support for family
*diet support
*teach self care
What are the "3 R's" for Down Syndrome patients?
What causes PKU?
The absence of a liver enzyme used to metabolize the essential amino acid phenylalanine
What happens if phenylalanine levels are too high?
Mental retardation/severe brain damage (irreversible)
When phenylalanine levels are too high, when does brain damage occur?
BEFORE ketones are even detected in the urine