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Sound is made when an object vibrates. As an object vibrates faster, the _________ becomes higher.
Sound travels faster through denser substances than less dense substances. Therefore, sound would travel _________ through steel than through water, air, or even rubber because it is a denser substance.
A smooth and hard surface produces an ________ sound that sounds most like the original sound.
Tiny _______ in the inner ear are connected to nerves and aid in sending signals to the brain.
The ________ ______ is shaped like a funnel and this is beneficial to collect sounds and guide them to the eardrum.
outer ear
The eardrum __________ when sound waves strike it and therefore couase the sound to be heard (experienced).
When light can pass through a material and a clear image can be seen through it, we say that the material is _________ such as a window pane.
A good material to use to completely block out light so as to make a room totally dark would be an __________ material.
A stained glass window would be considered ______ because is reflects and absorbs light.
A "foggy window" would be considered ________ because some but not all light can pass through it.
A "clear drinking glass" would be an example of a ________ object.
A "wooden door" would not let any light pass through it so it would be an example of an _________ object.
We say the moon is _______ when the amount of light seen from the first half of the moon's cycle increases.
The different shapes of the moon during its 28-day cycle is referred to as the ________ of the moon.
When the amount of light seen from Earth during the last half of the moon's 28-day cycle decreases, the moon is ________.
A ________ eclipse occurs when Earth passes into the shadow of the moon, leaving the appearance of a "halo" around the moon.
We know that the moon does not give off its own light. The moon appears bright in the night sky because the moon ____________.
reflects light from the sun
__________ blocks the sun's light during a lunar eclipse. The moon will appear to be "reddish" in color.
When the moon passes through Earth;s shadow making the moon appear "reddish" in color, a __________ is occurring.
lunar eclipse
The sun seems to "set" at night because one side of the Earth _____________.
turns away from the sun
The moon _______ around the Earth in an ellipse-shaped orbit.