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Which of these States does not border Virginia?
- Kentucky
- Alabama
- Tennessee
- Maryland
Virginia's government after the Civil War _________.

- formed the basis of the new United States government.
- was not functioning
- elected several African-American and women representatives
- was the wealthiest and most stable government after the war.
It had no functioning government.
The first Aftican American from Virginia to play professional tennis was________.

- Herman Moore
- Michael Vick
- Ralph Samson
- Arthur Ashe
Arthur Ashe
The Hampton Roads area of Virginia is known for which industry?

- textiles
- shipbuilding
- fishing
- poultry
Northern Virginia has a rapid-transit system known as the _________.
- Tube
- Metro
- Subway
- Underground Railroad
Southwest Virginia is known for its _________ industry.

- fishing
- coal mining
- poultry
- orchard
coal mining
It was legal for an employer to pay African Americans _________ in wages as compared to White employees.

- more
- less
- the same
- nothing
Jim Crow laws discriminated against _________ Americans.

- Japanese
- Native
- African
- Irish
After Reconstruction, African Americans were not allowed to _________.

- own houses and businesses
- attend public schools with white people
- go to church
- shop in grocery store owned by Latinos
attend public schools with white people
Arthur Ashe was the first Aftican American from Virginia to play what professional sport?

- basketball
- football
- tennis
- baseball
THe _________ in Virginia is known for its poultry and orchard industries.

- Shenandoah Valley
- Hampton Roads area
- Southwest Virginia region
- Eastern Shore
Shenandoah Valley
What is the name of Northern Virginia's rapid-transit system?

- Tube
- Subway
- Metro
- Underground Railroad
People in Virginia pay taxes so the state government can provide _________ .

- services
- refunds
- prizes
- punishment
Many state services are provided for the citizens of Virginia. The home offices for these services are found in the city of _________.

- Alexandria
- Richmond
- Roanoake
- Norfolk
Virginia had _________ government after the Civil War.

- no functioning
- the wealthiest
- an african american controlled
- a non-discriminatory
no functioning
Which of these Rivers borders Virginia on the north?

- James River
- Rappahanock
- Potomac
- York
The destruction of _________ did not lead to the collapse of Virginia's economy.

- guns
- railroads
- bridges
- crops
Which one of these was created to help find land and work for former slaves at the end of the Civil War?

- Freedmen's Bureau
- Reconstruction
- Jim Crow laws
- segregation
Freedmen's Bureau
Which of these is a reason for the collapse of Virginia's economy after the Civil War?

- Union money had no value
- Confederate money had no value
- There was no market for farm products
- Foreign countries would not trade with Virginia
Confederate money had no value.