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the strong heat (acc s)
validum aestus
of the small fruit (gen s)
parvi fructus
the strange barking (acc s)
alienum latratum
of the small hands (gen pl)
parvarum manuum
by the tired armies (dat pl)
defessis exercitibus
of the great horns (gen pl)
magnorum cornuum
the good senate (acc s)
bonum sentaum
of the beautiful houses (gen pl)
pulcharum domuum
to the great commotion (dat s)
magno tumultui
of the long laughter (gen s)
longi risus
the swift pace (acc s)
celerem passum
the many advances (nom pl)
multi usus
the long days (nom pl)
longi dies
of the ugly faces (gen pl)
turpium facierum
for the many things (dat pl)
multarum rebus
the hot noon (acc s)
calidum meridiem
of the many pledges (gen pl)
multarum fiderum
to the strange sight (dat s)
alienae speciei
for happy hope (dat s)
laetae spei
to the broad battle lines (dat pl)
latis aciebus