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Which statement would be the responsibility of the medical technician during a routine patient admission to a nursing unit?
Obtain patient's vital signs, height, and weight.
How many pounds of baggage are allowed for the patient being aeromedically evacuated to another facility?
A patient who is authorized to live outside the hospital while still receiving treatment is considered
subsisting out
Which nursing activity is the main aspect of resolving nursing diagnoses?
When planning nursing activities, what is the main goal?
Help the patient reach the highest possible level of health.
Relative to the nursing process, what is a client goal?
A realistic and measurable statement of the expected change in patient behavior.
What is a way to help relieve most of the patient's concerns prior to surgery?
Preoperative teaching.
What action would you take when recovering a postoperative patient who is hypoxic due to respiratory depression from the anesthetic agent?
Administer oxygen.
Which position is the bed placed in preparation to receive postoperative surgical patient?
The postoperative patient is required to turn, cough, and deep breathe every
two hours.
What dressing is applied to a wound when debridement is needed?
Wet to damp
What size suture material is used to close an incision on the bottom of the foot?
A prolonged heat treatment can cause what reflex in the human body?
Reflex vasoconstriction.
A fracture that results from disease, such as metastatic cancer of the bone, is called
Which type of traumatic fracture does a whiplash cause?
Avoid the semi-recumbent position for long periods of time for the orthopaedic patient because it
promotes flexion deformities of the hip.
Which term is used to describe the sound that bones make as they rub together?
Which procedure or treatment is used to prevent or alleviate irritation around the edge of a cast?
The cramping, burning, or crushing pain complained about by amputes in their missing limb is referred to as a
phantom limb pain.
What equipment is essential to have at the postoperative bedside after surgical amputation of a limb?
During the acute stage of the stroke the primary goal is to
sustain life
Which statement provides a hospitalized child with a sense of control?
Established daily rituals and routines.
The normal adaptive mechanism used by children when they loose their sense of control is
When caring for a child with nausea and vomiting, a primary concern would be
The amount of sleep required at night by elderly patients is generally
less because of frequent daytime naps.
Which is a sign of uremia
Moodiness, bad temper, and extreme neatness are influenced by what factor?
Which psychiatric term defines an irresistible urge to perform apparently meaningless actions?
Which psychiatric term defines a mood disorder identified by feelings of elation and well being, flight of ideas, and physical overactivity?
A patient who feels unloved, unneeded, inferior, and hurt displays a behavior of
When does the rehabilitational process begin?
As soon as the patient is admitted.
Psychotherapy usually includes all of the following treatments except
electroconvulsive therapy
What occurs in the third phase of spousal abuse?
Spouse states it will never happen again.
Which clasification of a harmful substance causes euphoria, excitement, dilated pupils, diaphoresis, tachycardia, and rapid breathing?
If a patient is being restrained, what position should he or she be in if the patient is recovering from alcohol intoxication and is extremely agitated?
After questioning a patient, what should be done if the patient is still not sure whether or not he or she is allergic to an immunization?
A skin test.
After receiving a vaccine, how long may it take for immunity to develop?
Days or weeks.
A proctoscopy is an inspection of the
The person who assumes the responsibility of patient education in the "shaving clinic" is the
aerospace medical service technician.
What phase in the treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae begins when inflammation has subsided and ends with complete control of the problem?
Phase II
How many inches from the test plate must the examinee be sitting for the PIP?
How many inches is the Amsler's grid chart held away from the patient?
What is the unit of measurement for the near point of accommodation test?
What is that part of space that can be seen when the head and eyes are motionless?
Visual field
What is a common visual field defect?
Noise assessment is conducted by
How many years is the certification for hearing conservationists valid?
The measurement expressed in Hz refers to what principle of sound?
When there is an apparent vehicle fire, how many feet should the ambulance be parked from the vehicle?
For accidents involving hazardous materials, where should you park the ambulance and how far away should you remain?
Upwind; 2,000 feet away.
The "A" in AVPU stands for
If the patient is not alert and his or her breathing is slower than eight breaths per minute, provide
ventilations with a BVM and high-flow oxygen.
For what type of patient is a rapid trauma assessment performed and what is looked at?
Patient with a significant mechanism of injury; area of the body where the greatest threats to the patient are.
When you ask a medical patient if the pain is constant or intermittent, you are questioning about
When you ask a medical patient what may have triggered his or her pain, you are questioning about
A bruise behind the ears is called
Battle's sign.
Within how many minutes is the recommended interval for reassessment of a stable patient?
Patients breathing adequately are placed in what position?
Patients suffering from a flail chest will most likely exhibit
Paradoxial motion of chest wall.
The all encompassing term used by EMT's to indicate any kind of problem with the heart is cardiac
How many shocks are recommended to be delivered after analysis of a shockable rhythm by the operation of an auto or SAED?
A set of three stacked shocks.
After a set of shocks, if the patient's pulse does not return, your next step is to
resume CPR and repeat cycle of shocks.
Oral glucose is administered to the diabetic with an altered mental status who is able to swallow, because it
counteracts the effects of low blood sugar on the brain.
Activated charcoal should not be given when the patient has ingested
drain cleaner.
How is the contact posion phophorus removed from the skin?
Dust off
Alcohol is a drug that can have lethal effects on which nervous system?
Within how many hours does a Black Widow spider bite victim usually develop systemic reactions?
Passive rewarming involves
simply covering the patient.
A condition in which the placenta is formed low in the uterus and close to the cervical opening preventing the normal delivery of the fetus is called
placenta previa
A patient's usual first emotional reaction to rape is
anger and hostility.
Who is responsible for questioning and examining a rape patient or for notifying legal authorities?
To open the airway of a child, you must never
hyperextend the child's neck.
A detailed physical exam on a child is completed from
toes to head.
Bulging fontanelles on an infant could indicate
head trauma.
Your responsibilities of suspected child abuse include
notifying the physician.
A situation in which a patient exhibits abnormal behavior within a given situation either due to extremes of emotion leading to violence or a psychological or physcial condition is called
behavioral emergency.
What is the key to helping defuse a suicide attempt?
Personal interaction.
For an adult, how much sudden blood loss is considered serious?
1000 cc.
How many cc of blood loss is considered serious for an infant?
The time within which surgery must take place for a successful resuscitation from shock is called the
golden hour.
Which type of shock is caused by a loss of blood or other body fluids?
The PASG can compensate for up to what percentage of lost blood?
Which type of shock is an internal failure of the body to control the diameter of the blood vessels?
Which acronym is used by EMT in the field to describe a possible fracture?
Which classifications of fracture are considered more serious because of a greater blood loss is possible?
With injuries in and around a joint, make sure that the splint immobilizes the
bone above and below the injury
There is a high rate of sucess for tooth replacement if a dentist carries out the procedure within how many minutes of the accident.
A burn is classified as moderate if it involves
full-thickness burns that involve 2 to 10 percent of the body surface.
When caring for a patient with electrical burns, your first priority is
to protect yourself from the electricity.
What regulations govern the number, type, colors and locations of the rotating beacons and warning lights on the ambulance?
State and local
Which emergency response refers to an emergency with lights and sirens?
Code 3; hot
How much vacuum must suction units provide when the tube is clamped?
300 mm Hg.
At what speed (mph) does hydroplaning occur?
Which is the correct order for applying a short spine immbolization device?
1)Secure the device to the patient's torso.
2)Secure the patient's head to the device.
3)Position device behind the patient.
4)Evaluate torso fixation and pad behind neck as necessary
Which device is commonly used for patient transfers in wartime and disaster situations?
Army field litter
Mass casualty victims are catergorized according to
priority for treatment and transportation.
Using the civilian four-level triage system, a patient with complicated burns is classified as priority
How are patients classified under the military triage system?
Minimal, immediate, delayed, and expectant.
Under the military triage system a patient with extensive burns is classified as
What is used to document patient evaluation and treatment in wartime situations?
US Field Medical Card