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And Jesus began to say  
ηρξατο δε ό Ιησουσ λεγειν  
he prepared  
let a man deny himself and come  
ανθρωπος αρνησασθω έαυτον και ελθετω (ερχεσθω)  
Go! (s) and greet her  
ελθε και ασπασαι αυτην  
they preached and worked (1st aorist)  
ευηγγελισαντο και ηργασαντο  
they preached and worked (2nd aorist)  
ευηγγελιζοντο και ηργαζοντο  
he went up to pray  
ανεβη προσευξασθαι  
Receive! (s) [not παραλαμβανω]  
Do not (pl) be as....  
με γινεσθε ώς  
Be faithful (pl)  
γινεσθε πιστοι  
the seed fell  
τα σπερματα επεσεν  
the word through him came into being  
ό κοσμος δι' αυτου εγενετο  
the world, him, did not know  
ό κοσμος αυτον ουκ εγνω  
It is not lawful for a prophet to perish  
ουκ εξεστιν προφητή απολεσθαι  
Do not be faithless (s)  
με γινου απιστος