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How does everyone use language?
Everyone uses language to describe, explain, and inquire about the world around us.
What are some of the principles evident in developmental patterns?
development is predictable, children go though developmental phases, developmental
What is cephalocaudal progression?
Cephalocaudal progression is a developmental, predictable, pattern that has an orderly sequence to it
What is considered to be a developmental milestone?
Developmental milestones are phases during development when children attain certain skills at predictable times or at predictable ages.
How is involuntary play important to development?
Play allows the child to practice, using endless repetition, until a skill is perfected.
What is asynchronous growth?
Asynchronous growth is seen within physical growth
What factors are dependent upon individual development?
Individual development factors include genetic inheritance, nutrition, gender, intelligence, overall emotional and physical health, socioeconomic level, ethnicity, and prenatal conditions.
What are the primary four developmental areas?
They are physical, cognitive, socioemotional, and communicative growth.
What types of development are included within physical development?
Physical development refers to physical growth and motor control and their related hierarchies
What does proximodistal mean?
Proximodistal is development that is from the center out.
What is the gross-fine hierarchy?
This hierarchy states that gross motor development occurs first and fine motor development follows.
What is gross-motor control?
Large-muscle movement
What is cognitive development?
Cognitive development associates itself with intellectual growth
What is socioemotional development?
Socioemotional development closely relates to the other three areas of physical, intellectual, and communication development
What is communicative development?
linguistic symbols depends on attaining cognitive, social, and motor skills.
What is a neonate?
A neonate is another term used to describe a newborn.
What is vernix?
Vernix is the white, waxy material that covers a newborn's skin. This waxy covering helps the newborn slip through the birth canal.
What is lanugo?
Lanugo is a fine matte of hair that may cover the newborn's entire body.
What could be considered a reflex?
Reflexes are automatic, involuntary motor patterns
What is myelination?
Myelination is the development of a protective myelin sheath around the cranial nerves