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Cutaneous Larval Migrans
caused by larval worm that penetrates skin, migrates through dermis for weeks to months then dies; inflammation follows track of larval migration
another name for roundworms
T/F the adult for of roundworms are microscopic
F-macroscopic(larvae and eggs are microscopic)
What are the diagnositc item of nematodes
Their eggs
How may one prevent cutaneous larval migrans?
cover sandbox, wear shoes, clean dog/cat waste
Ascaris lumbricoides
human roundworm
Dog roundworm
toxocara canus
Human hookworm
Necator americanus
Filarial worm
Wuchereria bancrofti
Dog heartworm
Dirofilaria immitis
list 4 categories of medically important arthropods
insects(mosquitos, flea, lice), spiders, ticks, mites
how is scabies transmitted
what organism transports scabies
mites-Sarcoptes scabiei
pathway of scabes formation
mite burrows into skin, forms tunnels, lays eggs which hatch in said tunnel
what do the mites feed on?
Initial CM of scabies
inflammation, itching
Later CM of Scabies
weeping, crusty patches
Where are these CM of scabies often found?
in thin skin areas--webbing of fingers, folds of wrist
How is scabies diagnosed?
By identifying mites on skin scraping(?)
Treatments for scabies?
Ointments with Permethrin
What is another name for chiggers?
harvest or red mite
where are chiggers commonly found?
in tall grass and weeds
CM of chigger "bites"(according to her lecture, but see wikkipedia…these don’t really bite..)
intense itching
Where are chigger bites most common
wrist, ankle, skinfolds
3 forms of Lice
Head Lice, Body Lice, Pubic Lice
head lice--give latin name
Pediculus capitis
Body Lice--give latin name
Pediculus humanus
Pubic Lice--give latin name
Pthirus pubis
Locale of lice
what is important about the life cycle of lice
they spend the entire cycle on the host or clothing
what do lice feed on?
Stages of lice life :)
egg, larvae, nymph, adult(really more like nit(aka egg), nymph(aka juvenile), and adult)
CM of head and body lice
skin irritation
Which lice may cause an entire school to be infected
head lice(pediculus capitis)
what diseases may lice transmit?
epidemic typhus, relapsing fever, and trench fever
What organism carries what bacteria that causes epidemic typhus?
Body louse carries the bacillus Rickettisa prowazeki
CM of Epidemic Typhus?
flu-like symptoms, rash, meningioencephalitis, delirium, coma
mortalitiy rate of epidemic typhus?
outbreaks of epidemic typhus are associated with…
war, unrest, povery, refuge camps
What organism carries what bacteria that causes Relapsing fever?
body louse carries Borellia recurrentis
CM of Relapsing fever?
recurring chills, fever, headache, myalgia lasting 3 weeks
Outbreaks of relapsing fever are associated with?
war, unrest, povery, refuge camps
What organism carries what bacteria that causes Trench Fever?
Body louse carries Bartonella(Rochlimaea) quintana
CM of Trench Fever?
flu-like symptoms, prostration for 5 days
Outbreaks of trench fever are associated with?
war, unrest, povery, refuge camps
how is pubic lyse transmitted, and what are the CMs?
contact with infected individual; Itching and inflammation
How does one treat louse infections?
1% Permethrin shampoo--if is body louse infection wash with permethrin and wah clothes, linens, towels in hot water, dry on hot…repeat
how long is the life cycle of the deer tick?
2 years
Describe the life cycle of deer tick(Ixodes)
eggs(laid in spring) become larvae in early summer and feed on birds and mice, the larvae form nymph by fall and are dormant until the spring(year2) and then feede on animals or humans in early summer, become adults and feed again in late fall on larger animals(deer, dog), mice, humans, and then adults lay effs by early spring...a two year cycle
Ticks transmit many diseases..list 4
Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, Colorado Tock Fever
Ehrlichia sp., uncommon
CM of Ehrlichiosis
fever, headache, malaise, muscle aches, NVD, cough, joint pains, children may have rash, Sever cases have prolonged fever, renal failure, disseminated IV coagulopathy
Hospitilization/Mortality rate of Ehrlichiosis
50% hosp. rate and 3%mortality
Richettsia rickettsii
RMS Fever
CM of RMS Fever?
High fever, headache, malaise, RASH can involve PALMS AND SOLES!!
What organism transmits RMS Fever?
dog tick
What is the causitive agent of Lyme Disease?
Borellia burgdorferi(bacteria)
Location of Colorado Tick Fever(virus)
Rocky Mts above 5000ft.
CM of Colorado Tick Fever
Fever, headache, malaise, NVD
What disease may have a fever for 2-3 days, afebrile state, followed by another fever for 2-3 days?
Colorado Tick Fever
Describe the mosquito life cycle?
adult female takes blood meal, then lays effs several days later in water, larva, pupae, and adult stages
What diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes
Malaria(protozoa), Filariasis(Helminth), and Encephalitis(viral)
what viruses are transmitted by mosquitoes in the USA
West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis Virus, La Crosse Virus, E/W Equine Encephalitis Virus(2)
Fleas also transmit diseases…what is one major example?
the bubonic plague(rat fleas) transmitted Yersinia pestis
CM of Bubonic Plague
fever, buboes(swollen and tender lymph nodes),
Pneumonic plague develops when?
bubonic plague is untreated and bacteria spread through the bloodstream..and infect the lungs
4 examples of stinging arthropods
Bees, Wasp, Hornet, Fire Ants
Clinical importance of stinging arthropods?
Fire ants-location--from where were they imported?
SE--south america(Brazil)
two medically important spiders
black widow and brown recluse
Black widow bite appearance
pain, swelling, redness at site of bite-two small fang marks
CM of black widow bite
muscle cramps, spasms(6-12hrs), chills, fever, vomit, sever abdominal pain, seizures, stupor, restlessness, shock, severe high blood pressure
Appearance of brown recluse bite
reddened skiin followed by blister at bite site
CM of brown recluse bite
mild to intense pain, and itching(2-8hrs), necrotic open sore develops in a few hours to 4 days, takes months to heal