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Lemon v. Kurtzman
1971: tripartite test to assess Establishment clause: govenrmental action must: have a secular purpose, primary effect does not advance or impede religion, and avoids excessive governmental entanglement with religion
Wisconsin v. Yoder
Amish: after completing 8th grade, they do not need to continue education provided a vocational component is available
Wallace v. Jaffree
moment of silence in school
cannot add "voluntary prayer" at that time
Lee v. Weismann
cannot invite clergy to school event (graduations)
Thomas v. Atascadero
AIDS infected children are protected by federal laws barring discrimination against individuals with disabilities
doctors provide informaiton of what to do
Minarcini v. Strongsville City School
school board has the right to overide faculty judgements regarding the selection of books for academic courses and school library, not liable for books already present in library
there is a process for challenging materials
Bd. of Ed. Island Frees v. Pico
discretion of school boards to make decision that reflect community standard
Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier
censor student expression in school related activities: newspaper
Virgil v. School Board of Columbia City, FL
school boards can censor materials for instructional purposes
Debra P. v. Turlington
can establish minimum performance standards for degree. (i.e. have to pass test and class for graduation)
Dawson v. East Side Union High School
Channel 1
students have right not to be exposed to commercial expression
Tinker v. Des Moines School
ok to wear symbols as long as doesn't interfere with school program
silent protest, expression is okay.
can be curtailed if disrupts educational process
Guzick v. Drebus
right to protest can be curtailed if disruptive
Unites States v. Morales
general intent is all that is required to constitute a threat
Roberts v. City of Boston
1849 segregation based on race,
child walked right past school to get to her school
Plessy v. Ferguson
1896 uphold segregation on railroad, separate but equal
Brown v. Bd. of Education of Topeka
1954 racially unequal, start de-segregation
Brown II
1955 not seperating fast enough, do faster
Green v. New Kent County, VA
must eliminate racial identification by:
composition of students, faculty and staff
extracurricular activities
Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Bd. of Educ
related to busing
more was needed in terms of staff, student population and facilites to integrate population
Milliken v. Bradley
Detroit: to fully integrate, avoiding white flight and zone jumping, take students from surrounding districts
Lau v. Nichols
San Francisco
students failed to provide for needs of non English speaking students, lack of sufficient instruction violated Title VI
Jacob Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Act
effort to support gifted children in elementary and secondary schools
Vorchheimer v. School District of Philadelphia
can operate gender segregated high schools as long as there are other non-segregated high schools in community and it is voluntary to attend
United States v. Virginia
no comparable facility for women therefore must:create acceptable program, integrate women or lose funding.
Franklin v. Gwinnett County Public School
Title IX prohibits sexual harassment and damages can be awarded. Coach inappropriate with female.
Ordway v. Hargraves
pregnant teens
cannot discriminate b/c of pregnancy, must receive regular education if wanted
Burlington v. Massachusetts DOE
school p/u bill for student's private school placement
Goss v. Lopez
sets up due process procedure
due process must be provided to student, including a hearing
Paredes v. Curtis
stigma from charges may affect reputation -- not found to be true
Katzman v. Cumberland School District
cannot reduce grade due to suspensions. School should have a policy regarding make-up of work
New Jersey v. T.L.O.
search in school requires only reasonable suspicion not probable cause
Gregory M.
discovery of outline of gun in bag constituted reasonable suspicion to search
Horton v. Goose Creek School
okay for dog to sniff objects
Vernonia School District v. Acton
1995 random drug tests of students in athletic programs is okay
Wood v. Strickland
ignorance of law does not shield administrators if it impairs students rights
Connecticut Ed. Assoc. V. Tirozzi
state could replace permanent teaching certificates with 5 year certificates renewable with CEU's
Pickering v. Bd. of Ed.
teachers have 1st amendment right to air their views on matters of public concern
(teacher wrote letter and dismissed)
Wygant v. Jackson Bd of Education
quotas cannot be managed effectively with RIF policy

agreement to protect minority teachers from layoffs to preserve the perdcentage of minority personnel ...violated Equal Protection clause
Racial classifications justified by: compelling governmental purpose and means tailored to that purpose
Mt. Healthy City School v. Doyle
documentation necessity related to obscene gestures

even though teacher expression is protected, can fire if there is sufficient cause independent of speech
(teacher called radio station re grooming code, also had trouble with gestures towards girls)
Connick v. Myers
issues need to be of public interest not personal, consider form, context and content of expression as it relates to public matters (lawyer transferred and circulated questionnaire mostly personnel questions)
Boring v. Buncombe Bd. of Educ
administrators regulate the curriculum
(teacher play was inappropriate, teacher moved)
Domico v. Rapides Parish School Board
reasonable grooming and dress restrictions on teachers
(prohibit teachers beards to instill discipline and uniformity was minor violation)
Gaylord v. Tacoma School district #10
upheld school board decision to dismiss teacher after admitted homosexuality to administrator, considered to impair teaching
Griggs v. Duke Power Company
when tests for employment are used, must be reliable and valid and qualify as business necessity.