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What method of graphic point location is used by all CAD system as a standard?
Cartesian coordinate system
In research, information that describes current conditions is:
When utilizing the x,y, and z coordinates in 3D modeling, the z axis represents:
Basic research is research done to:
Learn more about the world around us
A collection of tool buttoms grouped together is called a:
Tool bar
Which of the following tools is needed to measure objects in very precise increments, thousandths (0.001)
To move into a particular part of a drawing, the drafter would use the:
Zoom command
In research, gathering information that is already known as:
A short word which, when entered, causes the computer to perform a function is called:
In reasearch, after gathering information and describing current condtions the next step is:
Three dimentional design packages store data for the:
x,y, and z points
In a research and development department, design techniques are:
Produced through evaluation and testing of ideas
CAD stands for which of the following?
Computer-aided design
Research is done to:
Gather information
A VISIBLE line (Object line) most nearly looks like:
Convert the miles traveled across a bridge spanning a distance of 10560 feet?
2 Miles
A HIDDEN line looks like:
What measurement tool would be used for laying out perpendicular lines?
A pictorial sketch that has been drawn as if were viewed from one corner is known as:
When measuring units of volume, scientists utilize:
Calibrated containers
Which of the following is the approppraiteterm for the absolute Fahrenheit scale?
Sensors gathering measurements and then displaying them on an output device is an example of:
Indirect reading measurement
Horsepower and watts are a measurement of:
Which of the follwing best decribes the function of a rule?
It is used to measure length, width, and thickness
The calibrated containeris used to measure:
This type of drawing shortens the lines that project from front to back one-half their original length is:
A multi-view drawing that typically shows the front view, right side view, and top view is called:
Joules and calories are used in the measurement of:
In othographic drawing, the top view's width dimension is projected from what other view?
For orthographic drawing, the surface of the object with the most detail shown in which view?
A CENTER line looks like:
____ _ _____ _ _________
Instruments that are used to measure mass are:
Weight scale
The freezing and boiling point of water in the US Customary System is:
32 degrees to 212 degrees
The four advantages of CAD are speed, quality, ease of modification, and:
Cost reduction