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Source of posterial vasculature:
Vertebral arteries
What are the 4 major areas supplied by the Vertebral aa?
1. Cerebellum
2. Brainstem
3. Thalamus
4. Caudal hemisphere
What does the extracranial vertebral artery arise from?
Subclavian arteries
How do the vertebral arteries get to the brain?
Run thru transverse foramina of C6 to C2, then enter via Foramen magnum
Where are the vertebral arteries located once they enter the calvarium?
Anterior and Lateral to the medulla
2 initial branches of vertebral arteries:
1 Anterior spinal
Where do the vertebral arteries unite? What do they form?
At the pontomedullary junction - form the Basilar artery
What does the Anterior spinal artery supply?
-Anterior medulla
-Spinal cord
What does PICA supply?
-Lateral and posterior medulla
-Inferior cerebellum
-Inferior vermis
What 2 general areas are supplied by the Basilar Artery?
By what TYPE of branch to each?
-Ventral pons and midbrain (precortical perf arterioles)
-Lateral/dorsal pons via circumferential arteries
What are the 3 major branches of the Basilar artery?
3 Areas supplied by AICA:
-Anterior cerebellum
-Middle cerebellar peduncle
3 Areas supplied by SCA:
-Lateral midbrain
-Dorsal midbrain
-Superior aspect of cerebellum
Where does all supply to the Thalamus come from?
3 Major areas supplied by PCA:
-Medial occipital lobe
-Ventral temporal lobe
4 areas supplied with blood by the PCA:
-Thalamus ***
-Upper midbrain
-Medial occipital lobe
-Ventral temporal lobe
4 major divisions of PCA:
-Inferior temporal arteries
-Calcarine arteries
-Parieto-occipital arteries
2 places supplied by PCA stem:
-Upper midbrain
3 sites supplied by Inferior Temporal arteries:
1. Ventral temporal lobe
2. Medial occipital lobe
3. Posterior 2/3 of hippocampus
Area supplied by calcarine arteries:
Primary visual cortex of the calcarine sulcus
What is the parieto-occipital artery?
Continuation of the PCA into the parietooccipital sulcus
2 Areas supplied by Parieto-occipital artery:
-Medial Parietooccipital cortex
-Splenium of corpus callosum
3 vessels that form the Anterior Circle of Willis:
1. Supraclinoid ICA
2. ACA stem
2 vessels that form the Posterior Circle of Willis:
2. PCA stem
What happens when an ACA or PCA stem is missing?
They arise directly from ICA by a large ACOM or PCOM