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gametes derived from?
PGCs - primordial germ cells
when and where are PMGs formed
2nd week in epiblast
Where do PCGs migrate right after their formation?
wall of yolk sac (fid on pg 12)
PGCs move a second time. From where to where and what week?
Wall of Yolk Sac to Gonads during Week 4
Germs Cells (PGCs) ready themselves for fertilization through what process?
Gametogenesis has 2 processes within. Name them
Meosis to reduce chromsome number.
Cytodifferentiation to complete maturation
Homologous means what
means that you have functionally idential pairs of chromosomes from each parent
Teratoma - clinical correlation - what is it?
tumors of disputed origin - appear as variety of tissues: hair, muscle, etc in inappropriate places. Possibly cause is cell deviation from normal migratory path
exact copies of one another.
caveat is that after chiasma, they're not exactly similar, but they're still known as chromatids.
I just think of it as chromatids' kinetochores don't change so I know where to relate among the homologous pairs
connection of CHROMATIDS
are chromosomes distinguishable in prophase?
No, until Prometaphase.
Then they are viewable as strands
in metaphase, the chromosomes centromeres are lined up equitorially. What is orienting them as so?
The microtublues of the centrosomes at either ends of the cell
collectively the microtubules are known as?
mitotic spindle
when do homologous chromosomes pair? give a general and specific answer
meiosis I during synapsis
what is technical name for crossover during synapsis?
meiosis enhances variation in what two ways?
recomb produces random variation
random distribution of gametes
polar bodies
oocyte formation only produces one gamete for a primordial germ cell.
This is b/c one oocyte takes all of the cytoplasmic content.
3 polar bodies come out of oocyte meiosis. Careful! DON'T say 2...they initial polar body does divide however they degenerate during susequent development