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What are the sleep brain waves?
delta, theat, alpha, beta
Why is REM sleep referred to as paradoxical sleep?
because you are paralyzed; beta waves
Sleep deprivation; if highly motivated will it affect you?
What kind of sleep is decreased with sedatives?
2 types: REM and Slow wave
Can everyone be hypnotized?
What is tolerance?
You need more of a stimulus to produce and effect.
Which pathway is responsible for drug abuse?
mesalymbic dopamine
Is alcoholism an disease?
WHat gland is responsible for creating the hormone dealing with your psychological clock?
penal gland
what kind of responses are those of a phobia?
if smell of colonge gets one aroused with the same smell as that of your bf; what is the cologne?
CS; boyfriend=UCS
In high order conditioning, what now functions as if it were UCS?
What is operant conditioning?
sequence of small voluntary steps to permit active learning
What is the Discriminative stimuli?
cues that influence operant behavior by indicating the probable consequences of a response
What is Optimal Foraging Theory?
looking at maximizing nutritional value/gain for amount of energy spent
What is shaping?
reinforcement closer and closer to the desired response
How are thoughts orgainzed?
"Please pass the salt."
Every time the salt is passed, you say "thankyou."
"Please pass the salt" is what for passing the salt?
discriminative stimuli
Electromyograph records?
muscular tension/ activities
What stage of sleep are spindles in?
stage a
REM rebound?
REM sleep interrupted- back to sleep increase REM
Who thought about dreaming as wish fulfillment?
Opiates relieve?
Synergistic effect?
multiple affect of more than one drug (combination)
least amount of risk for dependence?
type of waves in meditation?
cant fall asleep, stay asleep, wake early
sound of drill in waiting room?
conditioned response
spontaneous recovery
reappearance of conditioned response after extinction or period of rest
stimulus generalization?
the more similar the stimulus are, produce same conditioned response
rat pressing lever at slow steady rate?
variable interval schedule
Antacid before spicy food
avoidance conditioning
redlight before shock administered- moves when see red light?
avoidance conditioning
stronger condition response/ every once in a while or just do it with words
brother that says im going to get you every time.