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001. An Air Force Form 833 is used to?
A. Describe customer requirements for visual information services.
001. The customer signs the Visual Information Work Order form to verify the work order is?
B For government use only.
002. Computerized work request logs aid in?
D. Tabulating monthly, quarterly, and annual production figures.
002. Another thing computer-based tracking systems that are important to visual information can do is?
A. Generate graphs for visual display of production figures.
003. What is the primary factor that distinguishes successful organizations?
C. Meeting and exceding customer needs
003. Of the customers who are dissatisfied with a product or service, what is the estimated number of customers who will actually complain?
B. One out of Eight.
004. Most good equipment can be kept clean with?
C. Soap and Water
004. Which is an incorrect rule for proper equipment care?
B. Use special solvents for all equipment cleaning.
005. In which section of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) can you find information relating to the potential hazard of exposure to or contact with a product and what to do in case of an accident or a chemical injury?
B. Toxicity and health information.
005. Personnel should review the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?
A. Before working with any new chemical.
005. The Hazardous Communication Standard requires the name of the chemical material and appropriate hazardous warnings be attached to all?
B. Chemical container
005. According to the Hazardous Communication Standard, every warning label must contain?
B. The name of the chemical material
005. The two categories of exsposure hazards are?
D. Health and physical.
005. Any health hazard that burns or eats away body tissue on contact is classified as?
B. A corrosive
005. The health hazard caused by chemicals we classify as sensitizers is?
B. allergic-like response from repeated contact.
006. Drawing paper should have all the following qualites except?
C. a slick surface.
006. The Air Force maintains a standard system for paper sizes based on the dimensions of?
C. 8 1/2 x 11 inches.
006. The weight of a paper is figured by the pound weight of a ream, which is?
D. 500 Sheets of paper.
006. What type of board is used for graphics that require a tonal effect?
A. Cold-Pressed
006. Which of these paper products varies widely in color, thickness, and surface quality?
D. Tracing paper
007. Which of the following grades of pencil leads are classified as soft?
A. 2B to 6B
007. Which grade of pencil is most suitable for tonal sketches?
B. 6B
007. Which type of pencil point is not used by graphic artist.
A. Bevel
007. When doing general purpose work, which type of penicl point do you use?
C. Conical
008. Which eraser can you use to remove ink without damaging the surface of the paper?
D. Red Ruby
008. The eraser that you generally use to clean up large areas is the.
B. Art gum eraser
008. You cannot erase deep black lines made with a soft penicl successfully with?
C. Art gum eraser
008. The eraser that leaves the least amount of debris is the?
B. kneaded eraser
009. Which is not an application for cutting tools?
C. Cutting excess electrical wire
009. Which type of knife would you use to cut through illustrator board?
A. Mat
009. According to the text, cutting tools become a safety hazard when?
the blade becomes dull.
010. Which hardware units compose the complete computing process?
A. Input, Auxiliary, storage unit, processor unit, and output.
010. Basically, what is the difference between a computer using an 80386 microprocessor chip and one using a 486 chip?
A. The 486 enables the computer to handle a wider array of commands and deal with more data, more quickly.
010. A megabyte of memory may store?
A. a full-page black-and-white image at laser-printer resolution.
010. Microchip speed is measured by?
D. How long it takes to access a requested bit.
010. What is extended memory?
D. memory that has a physical address equal to or greater than 1 megabyte.
010. The metallic lines that carry the bits to and from the computer's internal parts you call a?
A. Bus
010. Generally, the more bits that can travel on a bus, the?
A. faster the computer can process data.
010. What hardware device consists of special circuits installed installed inside the computer to allow it to use a modem, local area network, or compact disc reader?
B. Expansion board.
010. What action must you take to add peripherals to your computer?
A. Install the driver for that device.
011. What device synchronizes the processing of input and output operations and provides overlapping of computer operations?
B. Buffer
011. If the computer is printing an active file, how does the central processing unit (CPU) handle the next output operation?
C. The new data is assembled in a buffer until the oputput device is free.
011. What is the purpose of a memory controller?
D. Reduce th eamount of time that the microprocessor has to wait for system moemory to respond during input/outpu operations.
011. What memory storage location is found between the microprocessor and system memory and what purpose does it serve?
B. Cache; improved computer performance by finding the data the processor needs.
011. Which statement demonstrates the capabilities of a 3 1/2-inch floppy diskette?
A. The high-density version can store up to 1.44 megabytes of memory.
011. Which statement does not reflect the advantage of using a hard drive?
D. It stores all the applications and the computer's read-only memory.
011. Compact discs...
B. Store information as a series of pits and lands.
011. The computer's electrical system uses a power supply that?
B. If handled, can cause a dangerous shock even with the power cord unplugged.
011. What file name limitations does the Microsoft Disk Operatating System (MS-DOS) impose?
A. Up to eight character, followed up by a period, and no more than three more characters.
011. What is the primary directory on a disk called?
A. Root
011. What is the purpose of a file compression program?
B. Makes transferring quicker.
011. What is the name of the process of putting the gridwork on the disk and building the organizational structure?
C. Formatting
012. What mechanism provides a means of communication between a modem or printer and the central processing unit (CPU)?
B. Input/output port.
012. What is the difference between a parallel port and a serial port?
C. A parallel port is faster since it sends data out an entire byte at a time.
012. A monitor's resolution is defined by?
C. the number of pixels that make up the image.
012. Which printing device strikes an image onto paper and has excellent print quality at the expense of speed?
C. Daisy wheel.
012. What type of printing device professionally produces both text and graphics products at a high rate of speed?
D. Electrographic (LAZER)
012. What peripheral device converts electrical signals to acoustic waveforms?
C. Modem.
012. What determines how fast a modem can transfer a file?
B. Modem bit rate-- the more bits per second, the faster the transfer.
013. What term do you use to identify numbers, characters, or symbols?
A. Data
013. Generally, computer data files are used?
A. for just one application and the set of programs associated with that application.
014. Which statement explains why organizations seek to acquire more expedient methods to process data?
A. To eliminate tedious paper products.
014. What term do you use to describe the electrical movement of data transformed in a specialcode from one floppy diskette to another?
D. Electronic information transfer.
014. Sending data in electronic form using a specific form (format) agreed upon by the users is known as electronic?
D. Data interchange.
014. Why did American National Standards Institute develop a uniform standard for electronic buisness transactions?
C. To reduce the effect of various formats.
014. What is the purpose of a LAN?
C. It allows users to share resources by connecting computers to other computers.
014. What topology defines a local area network where all stations are joined at a single point (hub)?
A. Star only
014.What network topology allows continued network operation when a station goes down.
D. Ring and Bus
014. What hardware device provides the connection between two identical networks?
A. Bridge
014. What is used to facilitate communication between dissimilar networks?
C. Gateway.
014. File transfer protocols
A. break files into smaller sections to deliver and verify each.
015. What is the MAIN purpose of e-mail?
c. To provide the ability to talk to other networked users.
015. Th ee-mail type is determined by the e-mail's
c. origination
015. Which statement describes proper authentication regading teh sender's identity?
c. organizatonal e-mail omits the close since the computer generates the sender's identification.
015. What conditions must be met when you transmit a classified e-mail message?
c. Secured and approved network for transmitting classified information; a secure and TEMPEST-approved workstation.
015 Why must software downladed from a non-Air Force bulletin board be certified prior to its use?
c. Ensure it is free of hidden defects, copyright infringement, or viruses.
015. To be a true computer virus, the virus program must
d. be able to replicate itself and insert the copy into other executable programs.
015. How can you prevent virus infections?
d. Keep shareware or public bulletin board software off your computer.
016. Why are multisync monitors useful?
d. You can change the resolution to see either the entire picture or just one part.
016. What type of scanner encompasses the broadest range of price and performance?
a. Desktop flatbed scanners.
016. In regard to scanners, what determines the maximum size of reproductions?
a. Resolution.
017. What software BEST allows you to create text boxes that flow around graphics?
b. Pagge layout
017. What type of software allows a terminal to control or access other computers?
b. Communications software
017. What general type of software adds functions and accessories to Macintosh operating systems?
d. Utilities.
017. What general type of software scans for viruses?
b. Utilities software
018. Why does the macintosh operating system run faster than the Windows operating system?
a. Macintosh only has a graphical interface
018. What type of operating system is common on high-end graphics workstations and mainframe computers?
019. what agency manages the AF WSV theater suppo9rt?
d. headquarters Air Mobility Command.
019. Which is NOT a responsibility for a Major Air Command Visual Information (MAJCOM VI) manager?
d. Headquarters Air Mobility Command.
019. Which is NOT a responsibility for a MAJCOM VI manager?
c. Coordinate documentation of contingencies, excercises, and combat activities with the other military services.
019. Which agency normally tasks supporting components to document humanitarian, disaster relief, or contingencies activities through the Joint Operating Planning and Execution System (JOPES)?
a. Overseat theater commander.
020. Who provides temporary duty funding and supply costs for combat camera personnel during planned events?
d. Requesters for COMCAM.
020. Combat camera squadrons are predominately dedicated to supporting imagery collection and management activities designated by the
c. supported commander
020 BVICSs may augment combat camera squadrons in theater when tasked by the
a. commander, AF forces
021. Which is NOT a key use of combat camera imagery?
c. bomb damage assessment.
021. The most important mission of the WSV team is
d. the BDA report
021. Bomb damage assessment reports allow the
d. intelligence and targeting secitons to identify targets and dtermine if they have been destroyed.
021. Afterall local and theater needs are met, send COMCAM images to the
b. Pentagon DOD JCCC.
021. What is the MOST important requirement when shipping VIDOC and COMCAM material?
c. Mark the material with its appropriate security classification along with the authority and downgrading schedule
022. What is NOT a requirement for main editing cell equipment?
b. One main monitor for all video sources.
022. What type of monitors can be used in the Dubbing Cell?
d. Combination of color and black/white