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2 special forms of RA (each - inflammation yes/nom attacks for how long) + which two other syndroms ?
Hydrops Articulum Intermittines - every 7-14d, for 2-4d, no inflammation, Palindrom rheumatism - hours-days attacks, inflammation similar to RA. Caplan syn, Felti syn
Juvenile RA - differences from rA, genetics, which joints, chronic forms
No RF, no nodules, larger joints, HLA-B27, chronic - Systemic - still disease, Polyarticular, oligarticular
Still disease - 3 symptoms, male/female, therapy. Polyarticular form of JRA - symptoms, male/fmale, tx, Oligarticular form - genetics, symp, prognosis
Still - intermittent fever, rash, arthritis. Male=female, tx NSAIDs, steroids, cytostatic drugs. Polyarticular - similar to RA (Rf, nodules..), females 3x, TX like RA. Oligoartociular - HLAdr8, B27, girls6x, milder, good prognosis
Ankylosing Spondylitis - group, others in group, genetics, pathogenesis keywords, 4 clinical symptoms, criteria, tx
SNSA together with PsA, RAS, Reiter, HLA-B27, MALES, enthesitis, sacroilitis, erosion-ossification, pannus formation, syndesmophytes=bamboo spine, immune mediated CD4/8. Symptoms - Low back pain, morning stiffness improves with activity, reduction in chest expansion, arota insuff. Criteria -back pain, limited ROM of spine, limited chest expansion, sacroilitis. Tx - Physiotherapy, NSAIDs, MTX, steroids, surgery
Reactive arhritis (group, types of infection, pathogenesis, 3 symptoms, tx)
SNSA, either complicating enteric or urogenital infections. Patho - mimicry, response to microbial antigens, CD4,CD8, mostly Th2 cells. Sx - symptoms of the infection, oligoarthritis assymetric and additive mostly lower joints, keratoderma blenorrhagica. Tx - NSAIDs, local steroids
Reiter syn (triad, group, male/female, tx
Arthritis, nongonococal urethritis/cervicitis, conjunctivitis. SNSA, male 8x. tx - Antibiotics, NSAIDs, local steroids, Methotrexate, azathioprin
Psoriatic arthritis (genetics, pathology, forms, special diagnosis, tx)
HLA-B27,17,13. Pathology similar to RA with pannus, erosions, PMNs however more vascular and fibrosis is prominent. Forms - Pauci(oligo)articular, Arthritis Mutilans, Assyemtric inflammatory arthritis, symmetric arthritis, psoriatic spondylitis. Special diagnosis - pencil in cup at DIP, opera glass. Tx - Physiotherapy, NASIDs, steroids, Gold, Methotrexate, chloroquin, surgery
Psoriatic arthritis - Oligoarticular (symmetry, joint affected, special). Arthritis mutilans (what happens), Psoriatic spondylitis (what is common, when is sporiasis usually found)
Oligoarticular - assymetric, DIP, sausage fingers. Arthritis mutilans - lysis of fingers, Psoriatic spondylitis - psoriasis preceds arthritis by years, low back pain w/morning stiffness
PsA - assymetric inflammatory arthritis (symptom, joints, prognosis), symmetric arthritis (male/female, psoriasis occurs when, joints, special)
Assymetric arthritis - morning stiffness, PIP/DIP, good prognosis. Symmetric - 2x women, psoriasis appears with the arthritis, DIP/PIP/MCP. Special - onychodystrophy
Infectious arthritis (pathology, 3 symptoms, tx)
Patho - PMNs, cartilage degredation, cytokines, pannus, thrombosis of synovial vessels. Symptoms - single joint (knee,hip), sever pain, swollen joints. Tx - antibiotics, drainagne of pus
Symptoms of lyme by stages
Stage I - erythema chronicum migrans with arthralgias, Stage II - meningitis,myocarditis. Stage III - arthritis, recurs
Stages of gout, 3 associated situations, 2 diagnotiscs, 3 tx
Stages - Asymptomatic hyperuricemia, acute gout arthritis, chronic tophacious gout. Associated situations - hypertriglceridemia, obesity, DM. Dx - podagra, arthritis, Lab - polarization microscopy. Tx - colchicin, NSAIDs (indomethacinum, piroxicam), allopurinol
CPPD - 3 associated diseaes, 2 dx, 3 forms, color of crystals, tx for acute and subacute attacks
associated - HyperPTH, HH, Wilson. 2 dx - clinical, monoarthritis (knee, shoulder), polarization micrscopy. Forms - PseudoRA, PseudoOA, Mono-oligoarthritis. Crystal color BLUE, Tx - Acute - IA steroids, NSAIDs, Colchicin. Subacute - NSAIDs, analgesics
OA - pathogenesis, 5 dx
Pathogenesis - upregulation of metabolic activity of chondrocytes followed by chondrocytes loss --> release of cytokines and other mediators leading to Metalloproteinases release --> cartilage degredation. Factors leading to these events include repetative joint trauma, joint injury, aging, HH. Dx - subchondral sclerosis&bone cysts, Heberden&Bouchards' nodes, crepitations, normal ESR, no anemia, hallux valgus
6 therapy ways options for OA + 3 drugs used
1. Psycho-social, 2.Weight loss, 3.medical aids, 4.Physiotherapy, 5.Drugs, 6.Surgery.
Drugs - NSAIDs/Paracetamol, hyularonic acid, GAGs food supplements
5 causes for low back pain, 2 important diagnostics, 4 tx
causes - disc herniation, spondyloarthropathies, vertebral fracture, Paget's, referred pain (Renal stone). Important - low back pain in <20y --> congenital abnormality, >50y malignancy. Tx - bed rest, anaglesics, physiotherapy, surgery
Risk factors or Frozen shoulder. 2 sx. 3 tx
Trauma, DM, Thyroid disease, Brachial plexus injury, Idiopathic. Sx - pain, contracture. Tx - Cortisone IA, electric stimulation, physical therapy
4 entrapment neuropathies. Which one is special, why.
Carpal tunnel, Ulnar nerve compression at elbow, Meralgia paresthetica, Posterior interossious syndrome - special because the post.inter. branch of radial nerve is motor therefore surgery must be performed.
3 conditions assocaited with CArpal tunnel, 2 dx signs, 3 tx
Conditions - obesity, DM, trauma. Dx signs - Tinel sign (tapping on wrist), Phalens maneuver (bending wrist forward), tx - NSAIDs, Vit B6, surgery
5 tx for CRPS
1. Antidepressants, 2.NSAIDs, 3.Alpha-adrenergic blockers, 4.Neurostimluation, .Surgical sympathectomy, 5.opioid pumps
3 tx for Aseptic bone necrosis
Core decompression surgery, joint replacement, bisphosphonates
2 powerful NSAIDs + dosage in rheumatic diseases, 2 weaker NSAIDs + dosage in rheuamatic
Powerful - Naproxen (2x250-500), Piroxicam (20-40). WEaker - Ibuprofen (3x400), Proquazon (3x200)
Corticosteroids - 3 names, doses
Prednisone, Prednisolone, Dexamethasone. Doses - low <15mg/day (inactive SLE), HIgh 20-60mg/d (active SLE), pulse 250-1000mg/day (crisis only)
Methotrexate dosage in AI. Corticosteroids in AI. Azathioprine, Cyclophosphamide IV, cyclophosphamide oral, Cyclosporin A
Methotrexate : ~5-15mg/week.
Steroids : 1-2mg/kg/day
Azathioprine : 2-3mg/kg/day
Cyclophosphamide IV - 10-15mg/kg/ once in 4 weeks.
Cyclophosphamide oral - 1.5-2.5mg/kg/day
Cyclosporin A - 3mg/kg/day
Dosage of drugs fo transplant immunosuppression
Steroids - 0.1-10mg/kg
Azathioprine - 0.5-3mg/kg
Cyclophosphamide - 0.5-20mg/kg
Methotrexate 0.1-0.3mg/kg !!
Cyclosporin A - 2-8mg/kg