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1. Useful markers in HCL ?
1.TRAP, CD11/20/103
2. Useful marker in PLL ?
PLL are usually of a B/T cell origin
What is M protein
t(11;14) and +12 are common in ?
clinical difference between CML and CLL ?
CML advances to acute
Score for positive GAPA test ?
< 20
Philadelphia chromosome is in ?
?Most common luekemia in children ?
Most common leukemia in adults ?
Two disease causing kidney problems ?
Ring sideroblasts can be found in ?
MDS, Sideroblastic Anemia
Micromegakaryocytes can be found in ?
Thrombocytopenia is when plt count is ?
< 100G/L
When can we find Dohle bodies ?
May-Hegglin anomaly - Thrombocytopenia
What is the most common cause of chronic thrombocytopenia ?
The antibodies in ITP are directed against?
2 immune, 3 non-immune mechanisms where we see thrombocytopenia
immune : ITP, Neonatal. Nonimmune : TTP, DIC, HELLP
difference in prevalance between HUS and TTP ?
TTP - 20-50, women. HUS - children 4-6
Large platelets can be seen in ?
ITP, essential thrombocytosis, May-hegglin
ABO gene is on which chromosome ?
H- antigen is ? A ? B?
H- L fucose, A- +GalNac, B-+Gal
Bombay genotype ? which chromosome ?
hh, 19
1 unit of RBCs increase Hct by ?
What is a good source of Fibrinogen?
Cryo - not FFP
Two highly immunogenic blood antigens ?
D, Kell
Two IgG blood antigens ?
D, Kidd
Two cases in which lutheran antigen is over expressed ?
Carcinoma, sickle-cell anemia
Which blood antigen is passively adsorbed onto blood cells from GI and is associated with H.Pylori infection ?
What blood antigen is missing in Cord blood ?
Which blood antigen is associated with Plasmodium infection ?
Normal APPT time ? PT time ?
APTT - 30 sec, PT - 10-12
Which factors deficiencies increase both PTT and PT ?
Factor V and prothrombin (Factor II)
Where do you see Gumprech shadows ?
Which types of vWD are Quantitative ?
1, 3
Which types of vWD are autosomal recessive ?
2N, 3
In which vWD theré's a decrease in FVIII ?
1, 2N, 3
Protein S inhibitor ?
What decreases protein S ?
SLE, Pregnancy - 2nd trimerster
Glyvec is used for ?
CML - Ph chromosome, BCR-ABL TK inhibitor
Desfferoxamine is used for ?
vWF is on which chromosome ?
Two deficiencies that result in spontaneous abortions ?
FXIII def, Afibrinogenemia, LA
Bernard-soulier syndrome defect ?
Missing or abnormal GP Ib-IX
Defect in Glanzmann thrombosthenia is in ?
Platelet aggregation
Malignant diseases with frequent Thrombotic complications ?
M3, Pancreas CC, Cerebral tumors
What is the danger in a long standing central venous catheter ?
Clinical criteria for APS ?
Vascular thrombosis + Pregnancy morbidity
Anti PL antibodies are usually against ?
Beta2 glycoprotein I, and Prothrombin
Clinical manifestation of LA ?
In-vitro anticoagulant (bleeding), In vivo-Thrombosis !!!
Why is only APTT prolonged in LA ?
Demand for PL in intrinsic pathway only, hence only APTT
Anti cardio lipin (ACA) antibodies can be of which isotypes ?
IgG, IgM, IgA
In which disease does a thrombotic phase precede bleeding ?
Acute DIC & Large thrombus
Test indicating activation of coagulation AND fibrinolysis in DIC ?
3 states when primary Hyperfibrinolysis occurs ?
Prostate cancer, M3, Cirrhosis
Leukemia with involvement of lymph nodes ?
3 diseases with ischemia in various organs ?
Sickle Cell anemia, DIC, TTP
What is Mentzer index and what is it used for ?
Testing for thalassemias, MCV/RBC < 13 is sick