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Combine or join groups
the plus sign
Take away some of a group
Compare one group to another group
the minus sign
Combine or join groups of equal size
2 x 4 means 4 + 4
or 4 is added 2 times
Seperate into groups of equal size
Find the number of the groups
when you split some up into groups of a certain number
6 divided by 3 equal 2 means two groups of 3 equal 6
to add two numbers or groups
Combine or join groups
The plus sign +
Take away some of a group
Compare one group to another group
The minus sign -
Combine or join groups of equal size
the times sign x
2 x 6 means 6 plus 6 or six is added 2 times
Separate into groups of equal size or Find the number of groups
6 divided by 3 means split 6 into two groups of 3
Copy, outline, follow, Follow the pathof, draw a line over, Go over, Follow from the beginning, sketch, map out
to draw a picture of something by laying a thin piece of paper over it and tracing or drawing a copy of it by using the original as your guide
Piece By Piece, Take apart, Break Down, Figure it out, Study, Look at, Examine, Look at closely, Investigate, Consider, Question, Probe, Explore
When you analyze, you look at it and discuss all it parts.
What do you Really Mean, A hint, Read between the lines, Fill in the blanks, Suggest, Conclude, Decide the meaning of, what is Your Opinion? What does this make you think? Nake connections, Connect, Believe, Uncerstand, Take for granted
When you look at a probelm and you have an opinion and see information that may not be stated but you conclude is part od the solution.
Judge, Break it Down, Grade, Rank, Test, Assess, Score, Rate, Review Performance, What is good or bad, Judge the quality
On american idol Randy Paula and Simon do this after the people sing." That was horrible never sing again" "Wow that was great"
Plan, Make it, Put it together, Put to this, Add up, Create, Develop, Build, Come up with, Invent, Construct, Prepare, Originate
When your trying to solve a probelm and you finaly figure out how to solve it the plan you use is this.
Tell all about it, Paint a picture with words, What does it look like, Tell more, List attributes, Illistrate, Show
When you explain what something is so that if a person hears what you explain then they can visualize the probelm.
Prove it, Explain it, Back it up, Give a reason, Help, Assist, Give facts, Use examples from
Its the evidence you use to explain your point of view. Its the reasons you have an answer and these examples show why you got that answer.
Tell why, Give Reasons, Give details, Tell me about it, Show in writing, What is the problem?
When you figure out your answer, this is when you tell how you got it. you give the reason for your answer.
Important Information (Stuff), Brief Discription, List Many points, Wrap it up, Pull it all together, Short Version, Important Details, Shorten, Put into your own words, retell in order, Recall, Sum up
After you read a problem or a story, you retell it in a shorten way includening important facts.
How are they alike, Same, Similar, Check for Liknesses, What do They have in Common? Match up To, Judge Against
When you take two things and look at how they are the same.
How are they different, Opposite, Unalike, Check for differences, Stand out Against
When you take two things an look for how they are different.
Make a guess, Tell what you think, What will happen next? Outcome, Forcast, Future, Foretell, Expect, See Coming
When you make a guess about what will happen next.