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What is a hydatidiform mole?
It is a nonviable implantation in the uterus. Trophoblastic proliferation, cystic villous swelling of chorionic villi.

Can precede choriocarcinoma
What do hydatidiform moles secrete that can be used as a tumor marker?
hCG in abnormally elevated levels.
What does a complete mole come from?

How many chromosomes?
Androgenesis. Paternal DNA ONLY. 1 or 2 sperm get in.

46 chromosomes.

2% go on to choriocarcinoma
Where does a partial mole come from?
Partial mole comes from dispermy (1 or 2 sperm and maternal contribution.)

69 chromosomes.

RARE transofmration to choriocarcinoma.
How/when do complete moles present?
2nd trimester. Painless bleeding.

What is the tumor type of choriocarcinoma?
Aggressive, invasive. Highly responsive to chemo.
Which are the two routes of infection for placental infection?
Hematogenous route or ASCENDING (main)
Which type of organism is more likely to cause ASCENDING PLACENTL INFECTION?

What type of inflamm. response results after ASCENDING PLACENTAL INFECTION
Bacteria and some candida.

What is the response type of hematogenous PLACENTAL INFECTION?
Villitis (makes sense because blood enters through villous)
What organisms prefer hematogenous spread?
VIRUSES (think enveloped).
What happens if there is thrombosis into placenta?
Ischemia of placenta which abrupts nutrient/blood/oxygen flow to fetus.

Reults in stunt or death
What is a potential sequelae to maternal hypertension during pregnancy in relation to placenta?
Rupture of a retroplacental (decidual) blood vessel can cause separation of placenta from blood supply and result in PLACENTA ABRUPTIO
hCG is greatly elevated in what two types of placental abnormalities?
Hydatidiform moles and choriocarcinoma