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The Geo of Demand for Tourism
Leisure, recreation, tourism= b___ r___????
UN recognized this in ___ adopting Universal D____ of Human Rights
____, WTO declared it to be an "I_____ of Q___ of L___"

consume in s_____ manner
Ger over idea of being for the p_____!!
Emergence of p__-p___ tourism

R____ of spirit even if you can't afford to t___ anywhere: r____ process
basic right?
1948, Declaration
1980- Improvement Quality Life


Rejuvination, travel, refreshning
Concepts for Demand:
Tourism = total number of persons who _____ or wish to, to use tourist f____ and s___ at places a____ from their work or t____
Effective/Actual Demand: comprises the actual _____ or particpants in toursim: those t_____
Suppressed Demand: those who ____ ___ travel for some reason
Potential= will p_____ travel at a future date if more _____ or t____
Deferred: problem with s___ e____
NO demand:= __ ____
travel, facilites/services, away, travel
number, traveling

Possibly, money, travel time
supply enviornment
Effective Demand:
Travel P_____- p____ or population who actually e____ in tourism
Net= at least o___ trip taken during a given p____
Gross- t____ # of trips taken as a p___ of the population

Determinents of Propensity:
N____ Level: world view- e___ development, population c_____, and p____ regimes
P____ view: l___, lifec____, p_____, etc.
S___ of tourists: t_____, p___, frequency, speed of t____, a____, f____, orgnizers, etc.
Propensity- %, engage
one, period
total, %

National, economic, characteristics, political
lifestyle, cycle, personality
Supply: technology, price, transit, accomodations, facilities
Effective Demand CNTD:
World View Stage:
Major determinent of m___ of tourist demand because of e____ influence
- society develops, employment changes from p____ to s____ and t____ sector
economy maturing= incomes i_____ and create demands for g___ and l_____
improvement of e___ standards increases a____ of t____
Tourism is a result of I_____
highly developed economy= greater level of _____ ____
magnitude, economic
primary, secondary, tertiary
increase- goods, leisure
educational, awareness, tourism
tourist DEMAND
Population Factors:
levels of population g___, d____, and d____ affect travel propensity

High stationery phase- high b___ and d___ rates (__ world countries)

Early expanding phase- ___ birth rates, ____ in death rates ( low i___ countries, but improved h___ care)

Late expanding: ___ in birth rates b/c of advances in ____ ____

Low stationery: high mass c____ stage of econ develop. b/d rates stablized to l__ level

D____ of population within a nation also affects patters of tourist demand
growth, distribution, density

birth, death (3rd)

high, fall, income, health

falls, birth control

consumption- low

Effective Demand
Political Influences:
Political c____:
a.) c____ administrations n___ enviornment so tourism can flourish
b.) s____ encourage involvements of g___: offer opp. for disadvantaged

political G______
political and econmic- increase f____ of travel between countries

D____: encourages through r____ fares,

Political I_____: a____ affect tourism
a.) conservative, nuture
b.) socialist, government


Deregulation: reduced

Effective Demand CNTD:
Personal View-
Lifestyle: income-tourism=____
a.) gross= t___ amount brought in
b.) disposable= after t___, use to pay n_____
c.) discretionary= most u____ to industry, money left after all b____ of life are a____ for
1.) elasticty of demand: relationship between i___ levels and the c___ of tourism
Higher for A___ and J___ and lower for E_____!

Employment- nature influences travel propensity be determing i____, holiday e____, type of holiday d____, etc.

Paid Holidy Entitlement:
Gernalization: more days off= encourage t___, less days off c____ ability
More days off may mean more days s____ at home
Patter of entitlement are changing because they = a b____ tool
social status and choice of l_____= t___ of Holiday demanded is related to personal issues
Education- level = IMP determinent of travel propensity: b___ h____ and s____ desire to travel
more i____ to info., m____, and t____
a.) total
b.) taxes, necessites
c.) useful, basic, accounted
1.) income, consumption
Americans, Japanese, Europeans

income, entitlement, demanded, etc.
travel, constrain
lifestyle= type
broadens horizons, stimulates
introduction, media, tech.
Lifecycle Determinents: closely related to ____
works well for W______, I_____ tourist generating countires
- differences in a____, P____, M_____ all influence decisions
a.) Wanderlust- basic c____ to experience strange and unfamiliar
b.) Sunlust- desire for w___ and sunbathing
Age: Y___-A_____, M____, (before and after c_____), R_____
westernized, industrialized

attitude, perceptions, motivations
a.) curiousity
b.) warmth
Young- Adult, Married (children), Retirement
Suppressed Demand:
Potential- realize i_____ of access to tourism , rooted in P_____ circumstanes or individual
Ex: travel e____, lack of t___, p___ limitations, f____ issues, lack of i____

Deferred Demand- issue of s____ enviornment
B_______ to travel
Ex: 9-11, w__, d____, etc.

Effect on Demand:
book l____
travel to s___ destinations
use s___ transport
s___ trips
consider c___ carefully
fl____ booking (internet)
inequalities, personal
expense, time, physical, family, interest

war, disease