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how to intervene in a family system
a manner that promotes change/heal is the most challenging/exciting aspect of clinical work with families
linear questions
1. inform nurse 2. investigative 3. explore description/perception 4. gather info fam prob 5. focus cause/effect
informs nurse of eating patterns
illuminates family perceptions/beliefs about eating
circular questions
1. reveal family ustanding of problem 2. seek to discover relation between indiv/event/belief 3. paves way for change
circular example
1. who is most worried about anorexia 2. how does x show she worries most
1. learned, shared, transmitted values, beliefs, norms, lifeway practices 2. of a group 3. that guide thinking, decisions, actions 4. in a patterned way
culture canada
1. 200 ethnic origins
culture and health
1. health illness 2. practices 3. attitudes about privacy 4. childbirth 5. death 6. dying
characteristics of culture
1. learned – not innate 2. taught by family/peers to children 3. social and develops via interaction 4. adaptive to social enviro 5. shared 6. difficult to explain 7. visible and invisible
cultural awareness
1. tolerant of family belief/practice 2. realize that you bring your own persepective to relation 3. recognize how own culture influences care
self-awareness self-reflection
1. personal 2. professional 3. organizational 4. community
principles and strategies
1. family is teacher and expert in culture/nurse is learner 2. self reflection assist nurse in value/bias that could influence intervention 3. be culturally knowledgeable 4. incorporating family preference into NCP incr phys/emo/spiritual health