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September 30, 1938
Chamberlin and Dadalier sign a pact with Hitler. Gave up Czech. to avoid war
October 1, 1946
Nurenburg Trials of 22 Nazi war criminals conclude. 12 get death penalty, 7 prison and 3 are acquitted.
October 2, 1967
Thurgood Marshall is confirmed as first black Supreme Court justice.
October 3, 1995
O.J.Simpson is acquitted.
October 4, 1957
Sputnik is launched by U.S.S.R. First satellite in space.
September 6, 1901
President McKinley is shot 2 times, dies 8 days later.
September 7, 1979
ESPN premiers as 24 hour sports network on TV.
September 8, 1988
Larry Piper's 1st total hip replacement operation at Cleveland Clinic.
September 9, 1956
Elvis Presley appears on the Ed Sullivan Tonight Show.
September 10, 1913
Lincoln Highway (now US 30) is completed as first trans-continental highway.
September 11, 2001
World Trade Center and Pentagon are hit by hijacked airplanes from al-Quaeda.
September 12, 1953
Nikata Krushchev succeeds Stalin 6 months after his death as U.S.S.R. premier
September 13, 1993
Rabin and Arafat shake hands with President Carter after agreeing to Olso Accord, to recognize each other's right to exist.
September 14, 1814
Francis Scott Key composes the National Anthem
September 16, 1893
Oklahoma Land Rush, last and biggest with 100,000 people.