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Centrifugal Finishing
High speed rotational spinning to deburr, flash removal and degate.
Advantages of centrifugal finishing.
No training
Fast cycle times
Small footprint
Disadvantages of centrifugal finishing.
Batch not contin.
Large parts difficult
Labor intensive
Material limitations
* Why is centrifugal finishing not used with thermoplastics?
They are too ductile.
* What units are used to measure the strenght of a laser?
* Name advantages of laser machining
Accurate and precise
No surface finish req.
Detailed cuts
Low cost
Fast cycle time
* Competitive machining techniques for laser machining?
Ultrasonic abrasive techniques
Disadvantages to laser machining
Shock wave damage
High initial investment
Gasses discharged
Fire potential
* In vibratory mass finishing what key aspect keeps the excess material and dull media from clogging up the process?
Finishing component
Advantages of water jet cutting
Wide range of substrates
Good tolerances
No heat produced
No haz waste
No tool changes
Small width of cut
Disadvantages of water jet cutting
Maintenance costs
2D Shapes
Thick parts loose dimen stability
* Name two materials that are suitable for cyrogenically machining.
Die cast metals
* What type of blasting medium is used in cyrogenic deflashing/deburring.
Polycarbonate pellets (prevent scratching)
What is cyrogenic machining?
Parts exposed to liquid nitrogen, then blasted with pellets to deburr.
Advantages of cyrogenic machining.
Preserves part quality
Low cycle times
Remove complex flash
Disadvantages of cryogenic machining.
Thickness of flash
Initial equipment cost
* What is the difference between UV and IR/convection curing?
UV directly heats part of the product, convection heats ambient air.
* Two advantages of UV curing
Eliminates VOC's
Short cycle time
Small foot print
Cost effective
Disadvantage of UV Curing
Some paints contain UV inhibitors
Chemical reactions can be set off
* Name three obsolete surface treatment techniques.
Solvent cleaning
Chemical etching
* What is the main difference between intumescent and ablative coatings?
Intumescent creates a char layer
Ablative is fire proof
* What is the unique characteristic that causes intumescent coating
Silicone based coating
* What are the two most important factors in painting?
Solvent concentration
Clean surfaces
* Why is surface energy important in painting?
Paint will not stick to the substrate if not enough surface energy