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impressment 327
-The act of seizing by force.
Embargo Act of 1807 328
-An act that stated that American ships were no longer allowed to sail to foreign ports, and it also closed American ports to British ships.
War Hawk 329
-A westerner who supported the War of 1812.
Baltimore 332 m331
-Maryland city on Chesapeake bay.
Lowell Mill 342
-Textile mills located in the factory town of Lowell, Massachusetts, founded in 1826.
interchangeable part 343
-A part that is exactly like another part.
Fort McHenry 332 m331
-Fort in Baltimore harbor where 1814 British attack inspired U.S. national anthem.
Treaty of Ghent 333
-Treaty, signed in 1814, which ended the War of 1812; no territory eschanged hands and trade disputes were not resolved.
factory system 341
-A method of production that brought many workers and machines together into one building.
Industrial Revolution 341
-In late 18th-century Britain, factory machines began replacing hand tools and manufacturing replaced farming as the main form of work.
Lowell 342
-Massachusetts city built in early 1800s as planned factory town.