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genearl new american poetics
something old & new
director's vision + genre
2 phases of new american cinema
media professionals, film school grades
who were media professionals?
older people expereinced in related fields
what was sidney lumet before director
what did he direct
- actor, tv director
- thepawnbroker
what was arthur penn before directing
what did he direct
actor, tv director
- bonnie and clyde, the miracle worker
what kind of film was the miracle worker
social melodrama
what was mike nichols before directing
- improv comedy
- the graduate
who were the media professionals? (names)
- sidney lumet
- mike nichols
- arthur penn
- stanley Kubrik
- woody allen
- robert altman
what did stanely kubrik direct
2001: a space odyssey
who did 2001: a space odyssey
stanley kubrik
what film did woody allen do
annie hall
what was woody allen before film
gag writer for tv, standup comic
woody allen's techniques?
- jewishness foregrounded
- jumbled narrative
- direct address
robert altman's aesthetics
- overlaping dialogue
- improvisational
- often ensemble or multiple protagonist plot
who did the player
signif of clip, why
- robert altman
- 8 min shot, reaction to welles' touch of evil
where did robert altman come from (film school grad or media professionals)
media professionals
where did woody allen come from (film school grad or media professionals)
media prof
stanley kubrik (film school grad or media professionals)
arthur penn (film school grad or media professionals)
sidney lumet (film school grad or media professionals)
mike nichols(film school grad or media professionals)
martin scorsese(film school grad or media professionals)
what was the goal of new amer cinema
to revise already genres, put personal touch on it
point of raging bull
- what you do for a living is who you are
martin scorsese
martin scorsese's technique?
- what you do for a living is who you are
- rock soundtrack
- movie references
goodfellas signif (2)
- use of rock music soundtrack copacabana
- reference to the great train robbery
who did eternal sunshine
michael gondry
who did memento
christopher nolan
who did sunset boulevard
billy wilder
who did bicycle thieves
vittorio de sica (zavattini)
jumbled plot? eg
plot out of chronological order
- pulp fiction d. q tarantino
the backwards plot
- begins at end, ends at beginning
- memento d. chris nolan
repeated action plot
- on echaracter repeats action over and over
- groundhog day d. harold ramis
who did groundhog day
eg of
harold ramis
repeated action plot
who did memento
eg of
chris nolan
backwards plot
who did pulp fiction
ego off
- q tarantino
- jumbled plot
ensemble plot
multiple protagonists with different goal (same place and time)
love actually
the parallel plot
multiple protagonists at different times, goals
e.g. the hours stephen daldry
who did love actually
eg of
richard curtis
e.g. of ensemble plot
subjective plot
story is internal
eternal sunshine