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5th GTR advance?
complex narrative (intercutting - meanwhile story)
- narrative economy (shift in time and space to the dance but no confusion)
DW Griffith?
- consolidation of cinema narrative grammar from other filmmakers
how did griffith start
as an actor under porter --> made 1-2 films a week (almost turned directing job down) --> 500+ 1 or 2 reelers
birth of a nation
birth of a nation year?
birth of a nation:
number of reels
# shots
12 reels
1500 shots
what are 5 african american stereotypes?
toms, coons, mulattos, mammies, bucks
in bon, what was lynch?
black buck, wanted to marry the white woman by force
in bon, what was gus
oversexed black buck,
what was the first blockbuster
birth of a nation
bon was the first _
what did woodrow wilson say about bon
"like history written with lightning"
result of birth (racially?)
naacp rallied
was bon the only case of sterotyping
no, was part of a discourse on race, etc
what does the rescue/chase require according to dw
increasingly rapid editing tempo
what does rapid editing tempo do
suspense of chase, tension, excitement
griffith contributions?
- rescue is a staple
- compressing action
- moving camera
- variety of shots
- improved pictoral quality
- improved screen acting
components of the rescue/chase scene

who made this a staple
croscutting, increasingly rapid editing tempo

dw griffith
components of rescue scene in birth of a nation

who did this
- croscutting (people in trouble and the kkk riding to the rescue)
- shortened shots of riding to the resscue
- last minute rescue
- rescue x 2 (father and kkk)

dw griffith
dwg and compressing action
realized that narrative time is more important than real time
stories in intolerance plot?

christ, babylon, french persecution of juggernauts, father-mother injustice

2 million
3.5 h
dwg and variety of shots
ls, ms, cu with specific function
who did musketeers of pig alley, signif
dw griffith

actors move to create ls ms cu (composition in depth)
what does the long shot do
establishes, places the characters in the world
what does a medium shot do
give info of relationships between characters
whats closeup do
key detail/emotional info
who did the lonely villa
dw griffith
signif of babylonian sequence in intolerance clip?
iris shots:
pointing out crucial information with actually circling the place that is important
signif of way down east clip?
shows a cu of gish that creates emotion (details)
signif of intolerance clip? (with the soldiers)
that there are a lot of weapons
how did dwg improve pictorial quality
- directed viewer's eye (iris/matte shots)
- sophisticated lighting - dramatic/chiascuro, rim lighting
- composition in depth drama/tension
dwg example of composition in depth
the lonely villa: the father is in the front falling apart while the people in the back are having a great time
how did dwg improve acting
more natural, stock comapny
importance of BON homecoming
- more restrained acting
- long time empty frame
- cu shot of the girl creates emotion
- shot: arm of mother pulls the guy in
what is dwg's inadvertant legacy
you are responsible for what you make (called a racist for bon)