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to melt - only use se when no other direct object is expressed
to extend - only use se when no other direct object is expressed
to stop - only use se when no other direct object is expressed
to dry - only use se when no other direct object is expressed
to eat up
to fall asleep
to go away/go off
to carry off
acostar v acostarse
to put to bed vs. to go to bed
to be named
to sit down
to get sick
cortarse el pelo
to have one's hair cut
empastarse una muela (un diente)
to have a tooth filled
to have one's picture taken
sacarse una muela (un diente)
to have a tooth extracted
to hurt
se + 3rd person singular v uno se + 3rd person singular
1. impersonal
2. impersonal for reflexive verbs
to praise
to shoo (like a fly)
abstenerse DE
to abstain from
alejarse DE
to move away from
deshacerse DE
to get rid of
divorciarse DE
to divorce from
huir DE
to flee from
partir DE
to leave/set out
prescindir DE
to do without/disregard/dispense with
salir DE
to go out of
separarse DE
to separate from
surgir DE
to rise out/spring forth
venir DE
to come from
bebedor de café
coffee drinker
casa de campo
country house
cuentos de hadas
fairy tales
mesa de cristal
glass table
reloj de oro
gold watch
techo de tejas
tile roof
vestido de seda
silk dress
vida de ciudad
city life
de balde
for free
de gratis
for free
de buena (mala) manera
de buena (mala) fe
in good (bad) faith
de memoria
by heart/memory
de pie
de puntillas
on tiptoe
de reojo
out of the corner of one's eye
de repente
de rodillas
on one's knees
morirse/estar muerto/a de aburrimiento/cansancio/calor/dolor/hambre/frío/miedo
to be dying of boredom/dead tired/extremely hot/in great pain/starving/freezing/half-dead with fright
morirse/estar muerto/a de risa/sed/sueño/tristeza/bergüenza
to die of laughter/thirst/sleepy/sad/embarassment
estar aburrido/cansad de esperar
to be tired of waiting
estar amarillo de envidia/morado de frío/pálido de miedo/rojo de ira
to be green with envy/blue with the cold/pale with fear/red with anger
abusar de
to abuse/impose on
acordarse de
to remember
agarrarse de (a)
to sieze or clutch
burlarse de
to make fun of
cambiar de
to change
carecer de
to lack
cesar de
to stop/cease to
componerse de, constar de
to consist of
darse cuenta de
to realize
dejar de
to cease/stop
depender de
to depend on
despedirse de
to say good bye to
disfrutar de
to enjoy
encargarse de
to take charge (care) of
enterarse de
to hear/find out about
jactarse de
to boast about
llenar de
to fill with
no dejar de
not to fail to
olvidarse de
to forget
protestar de
to protest
quejarse de
to complain about
servir de
to serve as
sospechar de
to suspect
vestirse de
to be (get) dressed as, dressed in
con las manos
with one's hands
con pluma
with a pen
con una herramienta especial
with a special tool
acabar con
to put an end to/finish off
casarse con
to marry
comprometerse con
to get engaged to
contar con
to rely on/count on
contribuir con
to contribute (money, etc)
encariñarse con
to get attached to
enojarse con
to get angry at
soñar con
to dream of
tropezar con
to stumble over, run across
apoyarse en
to lean on, upon
confiar en
to trust/confide in
convertirse en
to turn into
empeñarse en, insistir en
to insist on
entrar en
to enter
fijarse en
to notice
influir en
to influence
ingresar en (una sociedad, etc.)
to join (an association, etc.)
molestarse en
to take the trouble to
pensar en
to think of
pensar de
to have an opinion about
quedar en
to agree to, decide on
tardar + period of time en
to take (person or vehicle) + period of time to
vacilar en
to hesitate to
to tell on
to approve of
to look for
to succeed in
to wait for
to prevent from
to succeed in
to pay for
to preside over
to care for/feel afection for