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What does focus have to do with depth cues? *NOTPART
Depth cues only work when the image is in focus. When it's not the image goes flat.
What is limited space? *NOTPART
Combination of deep space and flat
space. Uses all of the depth cues except:
– No longitudinal planes
– No object movement perpendicular to the
picture plane
What is actual movement? apparent movement? *NOTPART
actual - in real life
apparent - on film/video
What are the three basic shots?
The Long shot, the Medium shot, and the closeup
What is the long shot?
whole person (head to toe can be seen)
What is the medium shot?
person waist up
What is a closeup?
face can be seen, or from top shirt button up
What is an ECU?
extreme closeup
What is the two t's?
medium closeup, from midchest-up
What is the cowboy?
from just above the knee up
What is a head to toe?
full shot
What is a full shot?
head to toe
What are 2 other names for close up?
close shots, tight shots
What are 4 other names for long shots?
wide shots, masters, establishing shots, 2s/3s/4s
What does a low angle shot suggest?
portrays the subject as powerful/imposing
What is a birds eye view?
a high angle shot, a shot that is shot from above
What is a dutch angle?
canted angle, so tilted camera, suggests something is wrong
What is a pan?
move camrea horizontally
What is a tilt?
camera moves up and down
What is dolly?
physical movement of the camera in and out
What qualities does handheld bring?
puts you in the situation, gives a lot of energy
What is a master shot?
shoot everything at once
What is an establishing shot?
wide shot that orients the viewer; establishes location
What is a 2s? 3s?
shots with more than one person (two shot/three shot)
What is an os or o/s? what does it accomplish?
over the shoulder (aka ots), it establishes relationship between the characters
what is a single?
shot with only one person in it
What is a cutaway? What is one type of cutaway?
cuts away from the main action, usually masks continuity problems; reaction shot
What is a reaction shot? What shot is a type of?
shows the reaction of someone who is affected by previous action, it is a type of cutaway
What is an insert?
magnifies a small piece of the main action