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Scope Management Plan
* Part of the Project Management Plan.
* Outlines how we define and manage project scope
(p. 69)
Scope Statement
* Describes what the project will accomplish (its objectives)
* Describes the work that we will need to do to product the project devliverables
* PMBOK considers it the most influential document ever.
(p. 69)
Preliminary Scope Statement
* First thing created by project team
* Input to Scope Planning
(p. 70)
Stakeholder Analysis
* Identifies the influences and requirements of the stakeholders.
* PMBOK recommends doing this as early in the process as possible.
(p. 71)
Requested Change
* Change that comes to the project team, which requires them to go back and evaluate it.
(p. 73)
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Breakdown of the work into it's most discrete units.
(p. 73)
Process of breaking down the project into smaller items for the WBS.
(p. 73)
Rolling Wave
Decompose what is available and wait for clarification on those items that we are unsure of, which we will have to worry about decomposing later.
(p. 74)
Scope Basline
Three things:
1) Project Scope Statement
2) WBS
3) WBS Dictionary
(p. 75)
WBS Dictionary
* Detail of each of the work packages and control accounts.
* Identifies each item seperately with a unique ID.
* Also holds the staffing information, schedule milestones, and requirements for each WBS entry.
(p. 75)
Client, customer, or sponsor must examine the deliverable and verify it met specifications as listed in the WBS Dictionary.
(p. 76)
Occurs only if we have approved change requests. May cause the iterative task of changing scope management plan, scope statement, or WBS.
(p. 77)
Code of Accounts
Unique ID given to each individual item (work package?) inside the WBS.
Scope Definition
Input: Preliminary Scope Statement, Project Charter
Tools: Stakeholder Analysis, Expert Judgement
Output: Scope Statement
Scope Planning
Creation of Scope Management Plan
Inputs: Preliminary Scope, Project Charter
Tools: Templates, Expert Judgement
Output: Scope Management Plan
Work Package
Lowest level of the WBS and each package is an actual deliverable.