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Part pf a government which focuses in issues related to the general health of citizenry
Health department
Responsible for maintaining the locoal city parks as well as scheduling recurring yearly events
Parks and recreation department
Serves the US by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient transportation system
Transportation department
the office in each county where legal documents relating to the dale of real propert are recorded
Register of deeds
A chief executive of a state in the US
AN elected official ranking just below the governor of a state in the US
Lieutenant Governor
THe chied law enforcment officer for the courts in a US county
To hear and decide on in a court of law
The submission of a proposed public measure or actual statue to a direct popular vote
the laws and legal principles of a state other than those concerned with conflicts of the law
local act
the rights of a full citizenship and equality under the law
Civil rights
suferage, the rights or privillage to vote
Voting rights
political and legal rights for women equal to those of men
WOmens rights
Incorporation by joinging or uniting
Players buy chances to win prizes