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Enlisdted Air Force specialty qualifications are listed in which Air Force Manual?
AFMAN 36-2108
What does the wholesale logistics program provide?
An opportunity for Supply NCO's in AFSC 2S071 to gain some experience at the supply wholesale level.
In order to qualify for assignment under the wholesale logistics prgram, program nominees must meet all of what requirments?
Possess the rank of TSgt or MSgt.
Have less than 15 yeas TIS
Have a 2S071
Be Eligable for permanent change of station
Have completed one overseas tour
Have a SECRET and be elligable for TOP SECRECT
Have no quality control restrictions
Be recommended by their squadron Commander
What releveing flag is used on a requirments computation inquiry to provide a summary of information about a given stock number?
What program takes control of Supply computer processing when an error is detected during processing of a transaction?
When you recevie a Reject because of processing a transaction, you should...?
first ensure that you have entered the data correctly