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Reconstruction ended when what happened?
Hayes pulled federal troops out of the South
What were scalawags?
owners of small farms who didn't want wealthy planters to gain power
Under the Republicans' Reconstruction plan, before former Confederate states could elect people to Congress, they had to do what?
ratify the 14th amendment
Who did Pres. Andrew JOhnson believed caused the Civil War?
rich, planter elite
To receive a pardon under Lincoln's plan, Southerners had to take an oath of loyalty to the U.S. and accept what?
that slaves were now free
What amendment to the Constitution banned slavery?
Why did the Confederate commander at Vicksburg surrender?
his troops were starving
What is hardtack?
a type of biscuit
What advantage did the South enjoy over the North?
more military colleges
What did Lincoln do in response to the South's treatment of AFrican American troops?
stopped all prisoner exchanges