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Establishment Clause
2nd part of ammendment states that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.
A supreme court interpretation of the establisment clause in the First Amedment that prevents government involvement w/ a religion, even on a nonpreferential basis.
Wall of Separation
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Separate but Equal
Brown vs. Board of Education
overruled separate but equal
Defacto Segregation
Exists in fact, not in law(separate ourseleves)
Dejure Segregation
Segregation by law
CRA 1964: Voting
made more difficult to use literacy bar AA from voting
CRA 1964: Public Accomodations
barred discrimination in hotels, restaraunts, etc.
CRA 1964: Schools
Forced desegregation of public schools
CRA 1964: Employment
Outlawed discrimination in hiring, firing, paying etc.
CRA 1964: Federal Funds
Barred discrimination in any activity receiving federal assistance.
The requirement of the Consumer Leasing Act that charges for delinquency, default, or early termination be reasonable in light of the lessor's or assignee's (1) anticipated or actual harm caused by such delinquency, default, or early termination, (2) difficulties in proving loss, and (3) inconvenience in obtaining a remedy.
Reasonableness Standard
Suspect Classifications
Classifying people on the basis of their race.
Hyde Ammendment
Barred use of federal funds to pay for abortions except when the life of the mother is at stake.
Roe vs Wade
Privacy issue. Made Rules 1. woman had to have consent of husband 2. underage girl had to have permission from parent 3. Woman must be advised by doctor facts about abortion.
Black facts(3)
-make 12% of pop.
-in concentrated areas
-limitied political activity
Equal protection of law, due process of law were meant to apply, no complaints
14th Ammendment
Swann vs. Charlotte
brought bussing about to acheive ethnic composition
Bill of Right originally meant to apply:
to natl. govt
What has always established our boundaries
Supreme Court
What are the 2 views on Establisment of Religion
1) Wall of Separation
2) No Favoritism
Wall of separation
who's view?
No aid to religion (Revealing Vew)
No Favoritism
Who's view?
Govt. support, but no favoritism (Conservatives view)
3 parts of Lemon Test
1) Secular Legislative Purpose(does govt. have non-religous purpose?)
2) Primary effect neither advances/inhibits religion.
3) Avoid govt. entaglements