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*blank* stages of the 2nd meiotic division are similar to those of *blank*
*4* stages are similar to *mitosis*
fill in the blank - 1st blank is a number
After cytocynesis *blank* are formed
*4 haploid gametes*
what is produced?
Each *blank* is a combo. of oranisms maternal and paternal genes
tetrad, dyad, etc
significant points regarding meiosis
1. It maintains an equal amount of genetic material from generation to generation
2. it leads to extensive genetic variation w/in species
2 points
Meiosis in male humans is called
in sexual reproductions, men give what to the eggs? + genesis
meiosis in female humans is called
"o" like ovary + genesis
spermatogenesis is
meiosis producing sperm in testes
meiosis producing...?
oogenesis is
meiosis producing eggs (ova) in ovaries
meiosis producing...?
Spermatogonium enlarges to form a *blank*
*primary spermatocyte*
Oogonium enlarges to form a *blank*
primary oocyte
Spermatogenesis: Meiosis I -> *blank* are formed
Meiosis II -> *blank* are modified into sperm after forming
Results in *blank* cells each with 23 chromosomes
* 2 secondary spermatocytes*;
* 4 haploid spermatocytes*
*4 equal sized sperm*
# of what;
# of what;
number of something
Oogenesis: it divides in Meiosis I forming *blank*
1 large secondary Oocyte and 1 polar body
cell like thing and not cell like thing (working big one, non small one)