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physical differences of the body aka nature
psychological, social, and cultural differences aka nurture
society dominated by men
society dominated by women
Gender Inequality
difference in the STATUS, POWER, and PRESTIGE women and men have in society
Brannon's Traditional Male Components
"no sissy stuff"-men different inherently
Brannon's Traditional Male Components
"big wheel"-men are superior
Brannon's Traditional Male Components
"sturdy oak"-men should be independent and self reliant
Brannon's Traditional Male Components
"give em hell"-men should be powerful through violence
Is Masculinity Dangerous to your health?
high rates of:
THE SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY: Strauss & Baron and Zillman found that
there are links between pornography and rape rates and self-reported propensity for rapes
Feminists see rape as
means of enforcing gender roles as a form of domincance and control
The circulation index for the magazines
the strongest predictor of rape rates
Desensitization effect
highest among viewers of non-aggressive pornography
Prolonged consumption of pornography
promoted incessitivity to victims of: LOW-SEXUAL ASSULT, STRONGEST-RAPE, MILD- DESENSITIZED
Porn is the media equivalent to rape..."Porn is the theory, rape is the practice."
Aker's Social Learning Theory
the attitudes and beliefs of a group will affect the individual's DEFINITION OF THE SITUATION and moral attitudes.
symbolic interaction and social scripts
individuals learn tot pick up on shared meanings of symbols and use social scripts to navigate through the situation in a sort of role play
learning of behavior through observing and copying (1st way we learn)
Sutherland's Theory of differential Association
process by which one is exposed to normative definitions, favorable or un, to illegal or law abiding behavior
Useful Theoretical Perspectives
Aker's and Sutherland's
Modalities of association
how long and to what extent will have an effect on whether or not the definitions are internalized
Research on Psychological Development has shown
the use of melody strenthens learning capabilities
Pornography is the media equivalent to rape:
then, violent music is the audio equivalent to porn's categorization of "modern rock"
3 areas
use of words like "bitch" and reference to mild violence (kicking and slapping)
objectifying/degrading but non-violent
themes include women portrayed as objects
explicit (violent or sexual)
songs include stalking, raping, and murdering
Parallels between porn and alt.rock, 3 themes, lyrics mirror porn scripts for women, lyrics verbal recount, shared climax point is acting out of aggression towards women