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Near the equator, the lines of magnetic force are
parallel to the earth's surface
Which magnetic compass error occurs due to magnetisim within the aircraft?
The magnitude of the coriolis error signal depends on the aircraft speed, aircraft heading,
rotation of the earth, and geographic lattitude
Neutralizing or weakening the permanent magnetic field that exists around an aircraft
Any misalignment between the MAD and the longitudal axis of the aircraft creates
an index error
Which error is due primarily to an eletrical imbalance in the windings of the MAD?
Transmission error
With an input freq. of 400 Hz, what is the output freq. of the MAD?
What is used to develop the single cycle error compensation signal in the AHRS system?
Variable resistors
What types of gyros are used in the AHRS system?
one VG and one DG
The source of the erection signal for the VG pitch gimbal of the AHRS system is
a fluid type sensor
the AHRS system DG pitch gimbal is aligned with and constantly follows the
VG pitch gimbal
The AHRS system requires input power consisting of 115-VAC, 400Hz, 3-phase aircraft power, and
26 VAC, 400Hz, single phase power for excitation
The AHRS cuts off slaving of the AHRS to magnetic heading when a fore-aft acceleration of
0.055-g or a turn rate of 8' per minute is exceeded
The three AHRS heading modes of operation are slave,
DG, and compass.
The MC-2000 electronics group consists of a control console, magnetic field monitor,
turntable, and alignment tool kit.
The serial number on the mc-2000 electronics group control console must match the serial number on the?
magnetic field monitor.
The telescope on the magnetic field monitor is
22-power and rotates 360 degrees
What is used only during the field certification and calibration check?
Magnetic azimuth reference detector
The navigation function is accomplished primarilty through the sensing and measurement of?
The INS operates as a self contained system, but can be updated by?
TACAN, SKE, or manually.
Which INS unit serves as the communication link between the pilot and the INU digital computer?
control display unit.
Which INS control display unit light illuminates approx. two minutes before reaching a waypoint during flight?
Which INS CDU right hand data display digits display an action code when there is a system failure?
2 and 3
Which INS submode enables aided inertial operation using TACAN data?
Which light indicates an operator error out of tolerence condition in the INS computer?
What is the maximum time a fully charged battery unit can sustain INS operation?
30 minutes.
The ATT switch position on the INS mode selector unit is used to select
Only attitude signals.
The INS mode selector unit BAT light illuminates if the battery unit
is not charged enough to sustain INS operation.
The most accurate inertial navigation system alignment is
pure inertial
In coarse level (state 8), the INS platform gimbals are alligned to
local vertical
What do GPS recievers have programmed into their computers telling the reciever continually where each satellite is located?
The process of using fixed points and their bearings to isolate a position in space is called
The GPS is a worldwide radio-navigation system with ground sstions and a reciever, and is formed from a constellation of how many satellites?
How many GPS satellites are needed to establish our lateral and longitudal coordinates
How many GPS system satellites are needed to determine aircraft altitude?
The GPS satellites and recievers are synchronized to the nano-second by
atomic clocks
The FD/RGA dual integrated FD system is made up of dual FD's, dual AOA/RGA subsystems, and
a comparitor warning montior
The dual FD systems provide the pilot with displays of aircraft attitude, heading, and
What is shared by both RGA subsystems of the flight director system?
a probe heater relay
The pitch command control of the FDS selects a climb or descent angle from
15' up to 10' down
What flight director system's attitude director indicator warning flag indicates faulty command bar information?
What is displayed on the heading marker of the flight director system's HSI?
Manually selected heading
With the FDS's HSI rmote heading slew switch in the DUAL position, which HSI heading marker(s) move when the pilot's heading slew control is pressed?
Pilot's and Co-pilot's
What FDS component develops the lateral and vertical signals displayed on the ADI by the command bars?
Steering computer
In the AOA/RGA system, how many degrees of initial climbout are displayed on the ADI during takeoff with the flaps set at 30'?
What does the RGA computer provide to the control unit to indicate the validity of the vertical steering signal?
An interlock signal
What AOA/RGA system component averages the AOA signals?
RGA interface logic unit
Which RGA interface logic unit test switch must be activated to allow go-around mode thesting on the ground?
Which comparitor warning monitor subsystem indicator lights when a differental error of 3' pitch exists for more than two seconds between the two RGA computers
The four channels of the comparitor warning monitor compare the dual outputs of the compass, glideslope, localizer, and
low-range altimiter systems.
In what FD/RGA operating mode are the ADI's command bars driven out of view?
In what FD/RGA mode does the roll steering computer use the heading error and bank attitude signals to compute lateral steering commands?
In the FD/RGA system, at what altitude is glideslope extention mode initiated?
In the FD/RGA system, what mode overrides the navigatyion lateral and glideslope beam sensors?
Whic flight control surface position indicator displays percentage of surface extention?
What type of operating power is required by a selsyn position indicating system?
28 VDC
How many degrees apart are the wipers of a selsyn transmitter positioned?
How accurately the selsyn position indicator rotor follows the transmitter depends upon the?
spacing of the coils and taps.
The vertical scale tach indicating system monitors the speed of which two engine compressors?
N1 (low-speed), and N2 (High-speed)
The tachometer generator most commonly used with the vertical scale RPM indicating system contains a?
2 pole permanent magnet and a 3 phase stator
N1 and N2 RPM tapes indicate a percentage of RPM from 0 to
Which device on the sensor driven N1 RPM indicator represents the maximum achieved RPM during an overspeed condition?
N1 Maximum pointer
The BIT is initiated by rotating a small screw on the front of the N! RPM indicator
45' Clockwise
the amount of current produced when the hot junction in the vertical scale exhaust gas temperature indicating system is heated dependant on the difference in temperature between the?
Hot and cold junctions.
The purpose of the cold junction compensator in the vertical scale exhaust gas temperature indicating system is to copensate for?
changes in ambient temperature
Which malfunction would cause an exhaust gas temperature indicator to read off scale high?
Feedback signal from the indicator to the converter lost
The fuel flow transmitter motor drives the impeller at a?
constant 60 RPM
On the vertical scale fuel flow indicator, each numbered increment is read as ?
pounds per hour x 1000
What type of mechanical sensing device is contained in the vertical scale analog EPR transducer?
Dual Bellows.
What positions the tape and moves the rotor of the control transformer in the EPR indicator?
Instead of using a dual bellowssensing element, thdigital EPR transducer uses a ?
piezoresistive pressure sensing element.
The only moving part in the oil presure indicator is the?
What indication is displayed on the oil pressure indicator when there is an open rotor lead in the transmitter?
What indication is displayed on the oil pressure indicator when the transmitter vent bourdon tube has a leak?
The torquemeter assembly consists of a torquemeter housing assy, torquemeter pickup assy, and?
two concentric shaft assemblies.
The torquemeter indicator displays torque value in?
inch-pounds from -4,000 to 28,000
Before you can callibrate the torquemeter indicating system, you must obtain what?
air temp and barometric pressure.
after the torquemeter indicator is adjusted, you must return the switch on the back of the indicator to what position?
What are the two adjustments on the resistance liquid quantity indicating system?
Centering and Range.
The unshielded wire used as a power lead is called?
The shielded wire used as a signal lead is called?
Whaich fuel quantity tester is approved as safe for use with fuel in the tank?
An open compensator in the fuel quantity indicating system causes the
Reference leg to decrease.
What happens to the output of a fuel quantity probe as the dielectric constant of the fuel increases?
Capaticance increases, capacitive reactance decreases, and curent increases.
The DC fuel quantity indicating system is less susceptible to inaccuracies cause by fuel contamination because of higher frequency probe excitation and
more space between the tubes.
The DC fuel quantity indicating system does not need coaxial cables between the probes and indicator because the
DC current sensor cannot sense stray capacitance.
The DC fuel quantity indicating syustem uses a compensation capacitor to correct for variations in?
fuel density
When the DC fuel quantity indicating system self test switch is pressed, the indicators should read what?
98 % (+ or - 2 %) full
What components eliminate the requirement to have numerous fuel probes in the fuel tanks?
Attitude sensors.
The three operational modes as selected on the fuel center of gravity managment system's panel are OPT CRUISE,
NORM, and SET.
What mode is entered when both intermediate devices experience an SCP test failure?