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In 1905, what happened to a group of petitioners who visited the Czar's Winter Palace asking for rights, food and jobs?
Bloody Sunday - they were shot down by the czar's soldiers. No one trusted Nicholas again.
Who won the Russo Japanese war of 1904-05?
Japan defeated Russia's naval forces easily.
What did most Russians do for a living?
They were peasants.
What was the Duma?
It was the legislature created by the czar in 1905. He ignored it or fired people who disagreed with him.
Why did the Russian people hate the Czar's wife, Alexandra?
She was German and they were fighting the Germans during World War One. She also was thought to be under the spell of Rasputin.
Who was Rasputin?
A mad Siberian monk who appeared to be able to stop Czarevich Alexi's hemophilia (bleeding) attacks. Alexandra believed in him and let him appoint his friends to positions in the government.
Why was Czarina Alexandra running the government?
She had been left in charge while Nicholas II went to the front to advice his troops. He had fired his generals because of the poor job they were doing.
What problems faced the Russian soldiers during World War One?
No food, as well as weapons and ammunition shortages.
What happened in early 1917?
Women workers in Petrograde started a strike. More and more people joined them in protest. The czar was forced to abdicate and a provisional government was set up.
What does "provisional" mean?
Temporary, until elections could be held.
Who were the Bolsheviks?
The Bolsheviks were the party that was led by Vladimir Lenin. He was a radical who followed the ideas of Karl Marx (communist philosopher).
What happened in October 1917?
Lenin and the Bolsheviks seized power and took over the government from the provisional government. The first communist nation was formed.
What was war communism?
Lenin nationalized all banks, businesses, industries and mines. He forced people to serve in the military. He seized all property from the rich.
What did Lenin's motto of "Peace, Bread, Land" refer to?
Peace: The Russians were tired of WWI and wanted to pull out of the war.
Bread: feed the many hungry Russians.
Land: take land from the rich Russian aristocrats and nobles and give it to the peasants.
What did the Romanov motto of "Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationalism" mean?
The Czars of the Romanov family believed in Russian Orthodox Christianity, they were autocrats (absolute or centralized power), and they were nationalistic (pushed Russian culture and language while persecuting minorities living in Russia.