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Dynamic conservatism
eisenhowr's policy--- conservative w/ reducing taxes and containing inflation
liberl-- social security benefits, minimum wage, less federal gov control
Examples of Espionage fears still in US
loyalty day 1955
William F Buckley Jr-- founded ntional review and thought comm still a threat
John Birch Society- thought eisenhower was commy and thought liberalism was treason-- fought against taxes sex ed gun control ect.
appointed by Eisenhower and expected to be much more conservative
Brown V Board-- overturned plessy and said no segregation in public schools
also ended prosecution of suspected comms
Effects of the Brown v Board of edu case
southern states "took their time" and groups like the KKK & the white citizens' council became popular again
-southern politicians competed to be more segregationist
southern manifesto- states that brown decsion was a breach of judicial power
Little rock 9
Faris= gov of arkansas
refused to let nine african american studentsfrom entering school
Eiserhower sends in air force to take them to school.
1- eisenhowers stance on civil rights
2- strength of black determination
3- role of tv
4- federal power over state power
Effects of lil rock9
civil rights acts of 57 and 60- showed changing views of race in fed gov

57- established a permanent commission on civil rights with road investigatory powers but didn’t guarantee ballot. Becomes watered down and almost ineffective. 60 slightly strengthened the enforcememnt of 57
Secretary of state under Eisenhower, aggressive containment policy that eisenhower went along with
New Look
aggresive containment policy--
3 parts
massive retaliation- basically promised to get soviet aggression with everything they had.
more bang for the buck- use more nuclear weapons and less conventional ones because they were cheap and efficient
brinksmanship- do everything to push a country to the brink of war with the idea that they'll back down
atoms for peace
eisenhower wanted US and SU to agree to give fissionable materials to the UN for use in industrial projects so everyone benefits-- SU wasnt feelin it
Distant early Warning Line
one of the precautions set up by the eisenhower admin- station ini alaska to watch for invasion from that direction
Geneva cease fire 54
- cease fire when french surrenders in vietnam b/c they can't defen bien bien phu
- 17th parallel (cease fire divided vietban here until elections)
--US refuses to sign the peace accords bc they believed in domino theory and thought that communist control would take over vietnam and then al of asia.
Geneva summit 55
- agree to end nuclear atmospheric testing
- gets stalin to agree to peaceful coexistence
asian countries in a military alliance patterned like NATO, created by the us after refusing to sign peace accords
Ngo DInh DIem
cia puts DIEM in power (ho chin minh was former comm leader) -- catholic and anticomm installed by CIA as president but didnt have a lot of support bc of his faith and refused to institute land reform or end corruption
- end up getting him assasinated
When did the US enter vietnam/ what were they trying to do
technically 63-- but they had been sending "military advisors" prior to this who were pretty much fighting.
tried to stop NLF and give money to gov
opposed DIEM and backed by north vietnam they soon controlled south vietnam in rebellion to diem
Suez Crisis
Nasser nationalized the canal, Britain wanted it back so they attacked with Israel and France in 1956. Withdrew when Moscow threatened to intervene. Swelled antiwestern sentiment and US replaced BR and FR as protectors of western interests in Middle East.
Eisenhower Doctrine
US would send military aid and troops if necessry to combat communist agression in ME countries (specific to ME while truman was to asia)
CIA covert opperations
would aid overthrow of communist government and put leaders in power-- called for in NSC 68
examples: guatamala
saudi arabia

- would also use like subliminal messages and posters and propoganda
Things that screwed Eisenower over
- cuba taken over by castro(dictator) who confiscated American properties
- U-2 Incident- sovs captured CIA pilot, nuclear testing starts in atmosphere again
-- call off scheduled peace talks
What does eisenhower warn about wen leaving office?
military industrial complex- large defense budget allowed military to take over corporations and become more present in every day life
--- must gurard against disasters from this
The Affluent society
1958-- economist published study of postwar america bc of the prosperity--- highest living standard ever.
new technology/business practices in the 50s
• Duquesne Light Company built first nuclear power plant in pa in 1954
• Mark I and ENIAC ENIAC could compute much faster than Mark Iand lead to the development of programs for the computers.
• Silicon Valley- high technology complex that started with the opening of standford industrial park in 1951. Stanford used science and engineering staff to design and produce products for HP and other companies. Other firms would follow this as orchards became industrial facilities.
• Conglomerates- companies merging in unrelated industries—telephone company selling insurance.
David Riesman
other directed vs inner directed
-- other directed were the conformists of the age
Advocacy for environment
Rachel Carson- silent Spring 62-- how fertilizers and other chemicals poisoned the environment and the states and then fed gov poisoned use of DDT
Examples of conformity/ against conformity
- religion (billy graham and televangelists)
- mccarthyism
-mccaren things
- security and loyalty was the big dea in 50s/60s
- Levitowns (towns where all the houses looked exactly the same)

- youth w/ rock and roll
- brown v board
sunbelt region
became popular especially with former servicemen and california’s population greatly increased. LA had the most homes and free ways. Stretched from the old confederacy across texas to southern cali, had more people than the north and east by 1980 and fueled the power of the republican party.
why did life expectancy increase in the 50s
baby booms and silk and sabin making polio vaccines
doctor spock
common sense book of baby and childcare
really really popular, encouraged women not to work outside the hoem so they can spend the necessary time with their children so they don’t feel rejected and to have democratic discussions instead of scolding--- burdened mothers and kids ruled.
new cult of domes
women were subordinate and acted like they didn't want equality- catered to man/ family
example of religion in culture of the 50s
billy graham anticommunist-- religious televangelist didn't like working women, homosexuals, very influential
- in god we trust on dollars
- under god in pledge
- Ben Hur
Causes and effects of suburban sprawl
causes- increased production of cars and wealth

effects- eisenhower creates interstate highway system--
2 purposes
-- makes transportation easier
-- quick military transport and evacuation
silent generation
while tennagers of the baby boom were "going steady" and rebelling, college students were still in the confority state and were very conservative
art/ literature of the 50s
pollock- huge canvases-- modern art that made NY popular destination

updike- wrote about dissatisfied people during the era with bad jobs and lives that need substance

faulkner-- most vital fiction- wrote about life of people in mississippi

ellison- wrote about the black experience
TV- influence
TV created new products and could make anything popular (coonskin hats)
-- tv dinner
-- tv guide in 52 sold more than any other magazine
Examples of TV effecting politics
nixon's checkers speech
mccarthy looks like an asshole on tv and no one feels bad for him
Poverty in the 60s
poor were very poor and always sick, trapped in a cycle:
• Michael Harrington, The Other America: Poverty in the US poor trapped in a cycle of wanting and being deprived. They got sick al the time and couldn’t hold steady jobs, housing, or food.
segregation on busses
outlawed after Montgomery bus boycott-- showed the strength of blacks during this time
Bracero program
spanish seasonal farmworkers-- stigmatized and depressed their wages
• 1957--leadership conference to organized nonviolent direct action
operation wetback
deported around 3 million undocumented aliens
voluntary relocation program
government establishes this to provide natives w/ moving costs and assist them in finding houses and jobs in the world
SU launched satellite in 57-- US wanted to catch up
-- caused PANIC
-- thought they were spying or were going to bomb us from there
- people thought there was a missile gap
-- created nasa to create a satelite
-- national defense education act to fund students and teachers in science and technology
tried to end exploitation and violation of latin american rights
Black things
Sweat v. Painter
precursor to brown v board/ warren's appointment
- university of tx law school had to admit a student named sweat who was black
- schools need to take into account certain tangibles-- compared black schools w/ white schools and saw how much better white ones were
Effects of the economy changes of the 50s
increased beurocracy
-business w/ management
- capital- industrial complex
- jobs not for individual thought
- bomb shelters
height of cold war